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Readers Debate Independence of proposed Financial Oversight Board


Readers Debate Independence of proposed Financial Oversight Board

The Tiger Team recommended a Financial Oversight Board.  The Council is elected by law. The recommendation in the report that was published on the village website proposed the following process…

“FOB members may include any Ridgewood resident, who is not a member of Village Management or the Village Council. Nominations for the charter FOB members may be submitted by the Village Council, or any interested eligible resident may nominate himself or herself, according to a process defined by the Village Council. After the charter FOB members are approved by the Village Council, all future nominations would be made by the FOB members, with final approval to be made by the Village Council.”

Clearly, the idea is to create a group that is independent from the politics within village management or among Village Council members (which is probably a good idea, given behavior of the Village Council in recent years). It does not appear to be an “appointment”. I suspect that any interested resident could be nominated.

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2 thoughts on “Readers Debate Independence of proposed Financial Oversight Board

  1. well tony start with the fire and police dept’s. then the b o e . that’s if you have a set of ball’s tony. rrrrhhhhhhhhh,

  2. This is old news it was debated on another thread why is it here?

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