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Tree list in Ridgewood is trimmed by storms

Photo by Boyd Loving

Tree list in Ridgewood is trimmed by storms
Tuesday February 12, 2013, 10:01 AM
The Ridgewood News

The wrath of several storms, including Hurricane Sandy, trimmed a significant number from the list of Ridgewood trees slated for removal, but the volume of work to wipe the slate clean still requires outside assistance, village officials indicated last week.

The Village Council is expected to award an approximate $50,000 contract next week to a private vendor, which will be given the task of removing more than 90 dead trees that have been marked, many several months ago, and destined for the chipper.

“This is attempting to take the backlog of trees in the village that are designated for removal and, in one fell swoop, remove those trees so our newly directed tree crew can then not only keep up with the day-to-day needs of the trees, the trimming and the root cutting and control, but also expand that and do other things with trees that we wanted to in the village,” said Village Manager Ken Gabbert.

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  1. the ridgewood tree dept is about three years behind in work.

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