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Readers Point to the”Green Bike Lane” as a Major Safety Issue for Ridgewood Motorist

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Yes, get rid of the green bike lanes and restore the crucial car lanes we lost between the Franklin Avenue underpass and West Ridgewood Avenue. Ridgewood went soft-headed in the recent past, which included getting caught up in the so-called “traffic calming” trend. What was this, an effort to reduce traffic “incivility?” We need to sharpen our thinking again and start doing what’s right for Ridgewood residents.

If the traffic is backed up all the way to Lincoln, adding another lane for three hundred feet isn’t going to solve the problem.

One of the things I like about Ridgewood is that there are no street level railroad crossings like Glen Rick has. The trains have no impact on traffic. As a trade off, there are only three crossings: Ackerman, Franklin and Glen. When one is closed off, it is a major inconvenience. Unfortunately, we’ll have to deal with it.

That underpass needs to be re-opened, the safety committee wiped clean, and we need a real safety/speed czar.

The worst “traffic calming” device of all has been to close major arteries and create gridlock at many intersections in town. That only leads “road rage”: more speeders, this time on cut through/side streets and more dangerous road conditions. There are simultaneous posts on Facebook right now about speeders on side streets and gridlock in town…this is not a coincidence people!

Lastly, look at towns suck as Westwood, Waldwick and kenilworth nj. The police presence is so great, and ticket writing so frequent that drivers brake as they enter town. Our PD, or citizens if need be, should study and employ their practices here because road safety is a major issue for everybody.

If the traffic is backed up all the way to Lincoln, adding another lane for three hundred feet isn’t going to solve the problem.

10 thoughts on “Readers Point to the”Green Bike Lane” as a Major Safety Issue for Ridgewood Motorist

  1. I drive that route every afternoon.
    It is really such a minor delay. Many people drive at the end of the “calming” lane when they’re not suppose to, to make the right on Ridgewood Ave.
    If one of our finest were positioned at the old library, they would have a field day writing tickets…

  2. At many times of the day it is backed up and unsafe with walkers trying to cross and people trying to drive through before the light turns. Furthermore, traffic has naturally re-routed a bit, causing cars to speed down Heights and Glen more often, further increasing the dangerous conditions there. Additionally, some speed down West End or similar streets instead to cross town by Ackerman. The net impact has been anything but calm. And what was the point anyway? Are there ghost bikers riding we can’t see?

  3. I ride both the car lanes (in a car) and the bike lane (on a bike), and have never felt so uncomfortable on my bike as in that lane. It’s just not inherently safe. It is truly the bike lane to nowhere, especially eastbound. Beyond that, this lane, touted as a safety measure, rarely has the foliage on its west side trimmed so that branches overhang the lane, push cyclists out into traffic. Clearly safety, though promoted, was not the main purpose in its design. Funding was. I am also a westsider and routinely get caught in deep morning traffic for Garber Square. The back up, often past Heights Road, forces me to head to Glen Rock or Fairlawn for my coffee and breakfast rather than frequenting West Side Bagels or Carlos. The traffic is not all day long, but when it’s bad, it’s really, really bad. This lane is bad for safety, bad for traffic and bad for business. Just not well planned. Should be removed.

  4. More useless feel-good ineffective liberal crap.
    get used to it…

  5. The green bike lane to nowhere is a classic example of liberal thinking. This kind of thinking is pervasive in much of their approach to legislation and governance. Basically, the theory sounds wonderful. However, the reality, or unintended consequences, is not.

  6. I am a liberal or progressive and I think the bike lane is moronic.

  7. Stop the world, I want to get off.

  8. The bike lane was a feel-good thing. Practically speaking, it’s a waste.

  9. The bike lane to nowhere was was an idiotic attempt by Roberta to show she could do something, ,anything , constructiveand it turned into
    a nightmare, It was a complete waste of money and it failed to achieve the goals of increased safety and increased vehicul thru-put that were touted by Village Management as a major goal. The fact is this project turned into a giant waste of taxpayer money with no indetifiable benefit to the Village, All who were involved in planning ,executing, managing and promoting this stupid project should be let go immediately. We need smart people to solve our problrms not idiots who have no idea what they are doing.

  10. why aren’t the police writing tickets? Too busy doing extra duty work for PSE&G?

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