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Readers Say JOLT is Just A Ridgewood Hate Group


JOLT admins say they HATE republican hate.
It’s okay for them to HATE Republicans but it’s not okay for Republicans to hate anti nationals.
You should read posts from JOLT members. They are filled with HATE towards anyone that does not agree with them(even moderate democrats)

JOLT is a wild group of very angry people. All women. Their leader is a nucking futcase.

Jolt is a bunch of people who are filled with hate against anyone that doesn’t agree with their view of the world.

12 thoughts on “Readers Say JOLT is Just A Ridgewood Hate Group

  1. It is evident that all left wing women are nuts, angry and miserable and totally mean spirited in that they want to spread their misery to anyone around them. They need to be checked by psychiatrists.

  2. This article is crossing over the line – accusing women of something that is a false narrative is exactly why all women are standing up in force, as one, to raise awareness to the unfortunate people that put down women and degrade them. JOLT appears to have a lot of men and also our Mayor is a member – you are generalizing.

    Men and women feel sorry for people like the BLOG that incites division in our community, in our families, with our sisters, mothers, wives and grandmothers.

    Anger – like with Ryan, should be reviewed by the police and health officials as dangerous to the community, to himself.

    this type of incitement – never ends in a positive light. Please think twice

  3. “…all women are standing up in force, as one…”
    nothing like using a false narrative when calling something else a false narrative.

  4. A lot of divorce lawyers recommend being a part of JOLT.

  5. Jolt has a Facebook group and real members who are proud of their activism. There are men and women in the group. Ridgewood blog is anonymous angry – guessing mostly men with computers. They a not hateful they are activists

  6. 8:42… I usually disagree with the over the top stuff on Jolt, which is the ying to the blog’s yang as the blog is over the top in most cases too (but in anonymity of course unlike Jolt), but I applaud their passion and desire to make a difference.

  7. Pesmith nobody really gives a flying fuck what you applaud

  8. The JOLT kicked Laurie Bender out because she asked a question of former councilman Hauck. That’s all I need to know about the JOLT. Laurie Bender is worth 1,000 of Gwenn Hauck

  9. 8:42pm Facebook and bad mouth doesn’t make someone an ‘activist’

  10. What does activist mean? Most people who claim the moniker seem like they’re simply virtue signaling to their friends. The others usually amount to a bunch of anarchists trying to tear things down just for kicks.

  11. There is a small group – that likes to divide the community and is not open to change or new ideas. Constantly attacking and bullying the residents and especially people not in their camp – it is easy to look back and complain, rehash old things. This group – never brings new ideas or recommendations to the table for positive change – they are toxic. Anyone associated with this blog and supports those action and supports pictures of Nazi’s are disturbed. And if anyone is associated with this from the VC or any other public committee should dismiss themselves – You all discuss our prior councils short falls – this is far far worse in comparison.

    1. Truth hurts, using children is offensive disgusting and pathetic I hope that is clear

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