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Readers says rescind the H-Zone

Readers says rescind the H-Zone

Fact is that a lot of new information came to light during the VC hearings – a good deal of which was provided by the very same experts that the Planning Board questioned during their “comprehensive” hearings.

And that proves the process was flawed. The Planning Board did not ask the right questions, obviously. Otherwise why would all the new info have come out from the same people during the VC hearings. Same experts, but asked more relevant questions, and lo and behold, new and rather revealing answers were given.

So, since the process was so obviously flawed, it’s all the more reason to rescind the amendments. If another plan is formulated and put forward, then fine, let the process begin again based on the parameters of any such revised plan for renewal or whatever you want to call it.

That’s how it would have to work for anyone else after all in any other zone, isn’t it?

I hope they will rescind the amendments, and soon.

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