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Scott Garrett: More Help for American Job Creators

April 27, 2012

More Help for American Job Creators

No matter how much President Obama wants to change the subject to distract Americans from his failed economic agenda, high unemployment is still the primary topic of conversation around dinner tables across America. Knowing how important it is that we start putting Americans back to work, House Republicans last week took another step towards boosting economic growth by passing the Small Business Tax Cut Act of 2012.
The Small Business Tax Cut Act is a simple, clear solution to help small business entrepreneurs grow their business and hire new workers. Our 20% tax cut goes straight to the bottom line so small business entrepreneurs can invest in their businesses and create more jobs for Americans. This common-sense, pro-jobs legislation continues the House Republicans’ commitment to producing pro-growth policy and comes on the heels of President Obama signing the bipartisan Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) earlier this month.

When you look at the facts about small businesses and their relationship to the economic health of our country, you quickly realize how important this legislation is to jumpstarting our recovery. Faced with the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world and skyrocketing tax compliance costs that drain valuable time and resources, it has simply become too expensive to for small businesses to survive in the Obama economy. House Republicans know it makes much more sense to keep money in the hands of small business entrepreneurs than it does to fund bloated government bureaucracies that throw lavish taxpayer-funded parties in Las Vegas and invest in failed companies like Solyndra.

The best part about empowering small businesses is that we see the results every day in our communities, not in government offices in Washington, DC. I firmly believe our economic survival depends on Washington’s commitment to cutting taxes and removing the burdens imposed on America’s small business community.


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