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Readers Thank White Horse Strategies for the ” new normal”


Readers Thank White Horse Strategies for the ” new normal”

White Horse Strategies is a cutting-edge communications firm that specializes in connecting you with those who matter.

We have a proven record of effectively cultivating and promoting an effective message – from rapid response, speechwriting and debate prep to raising public awareness and grassroots support.

We’ve served on the “inside” by working in government, and we’ve crashed the gates as reformers and activists. We’ve brought that experience to campaigns on the federal, state and local levels, as well as to our work on behalf of both progressive advocacy groups and those in the private sector.

At White Horse Strategies, we know what it takes to motivate and move people and public opinion.

7 thoughts on “Readers Thank White Horse Strategies for the ” new normal”

  1. I rode the tank in Sharpton’s rank, when the call went out for the two cops’ rout!

    I was there when the _resident, swung his 7-iron, and sealed their fate!

    Pleased to meet you…hope you guess my name!

  2. So you dedicate your book, “Rules for Radicals”, to Lucifer, the father of all lies, and after your death, your acolytes and disciples start PR firms to carry out your mission, naming them, for example, after the trusty steed on which rides in the Lone Ranger to save the day?

    “What’s in a name?”, indeed!

  3. People are crazy.

  4. “We know how to…move…public opinion.”

    Of course, we also know that this mission includes moving public opinion in Ridgewood toward agreeing with the Mayor Aronsohn and the two others of the three amigos, and toward round condemnation of their detractors, whatever the issue, and in whatever way their political goals may diverge from the best interests of the village.

    Consider this, however: If the Mayor fails to accomplish this goal in a quiet municipality of less than 30,000 in the increasingly ‘blue’ northeast region of the U.S., he won’t ultimately be taken seriously by his co-religionists in the Church of Alinsky.

    So this puts us in the enviable position of potentially snuffing out the political career of a would-be demagogue before it achieves critical mass, or, so to speak, ‘escape velocity’.

    Ridgewood residents, consider this your mission. Deny the mayor the victory he seeks in censoring and squelching public criticism of his radical agenda.

  5. Well #5 no one will ever know anything about this Mayor unless he want you know. Check out the Web other then this blog you will not see anything derogatory about him. Look at the record and the ridgewood new. They only write good thing while they have lambast other politicians. I got to give this to him he is a master of promoting his image. One only has to click on his web site.

  6. The same goes for our previous assistant district superintendent in charge of curriculum, Ms. R. L. Botsford. I think she only started trying to market herself to new districts after a diligent effort had been undertaken to scrub the Internet of negative references to her administrative tenure and overall philosophical bent. Only on this blog could one find an unscripted version of the Botsford-world reality from that period of time.

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