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Readers think School Activities fees though well publicized are “ridiculous”

Readers think School Activities fees though well publicized are “ridiculous”

Where did your children go go middle school? Are you new to the Village (or as I call it, the “Billage)?

With all due respect, I cannot cannot fathom that you did not know about the activity fee. I don’t know a single middle school or high school parent who is unaware of the activity fee as they send home notices about it at the beginning of every single school year and bombard you throughout the year. There were many, many e-mails and Skyward messages sent. You couldn’t access Skyward without going through the messages. My son, who is graduating tomorrow, received the e-mails through his own mail accounts and checked on Skyward, and with me to ensure, that our fees were paid. If a teenage boy can read and follow up on these e-mails, parents should be able to as well. Do you typically receive e-mails from your children’s schools? If so, you likely received the activity fee e-mails and didn’t pay attention to them.

And, a simple search on Google (“Ridgewood” “High School” “Activity fee”) would have provided you with answers. Are you unaware that RHS has a website? Take a look at it . . there is a big tab to the left that says “Clubs and Activities” and when you click on it, the first thing that pops up is “For general information about paying your fees, click here”. It’s not buried in the RHS website (which can be cumbersome).

The District likely assumes that you, as a parent, have read their extensive e-mails, Skyward messages and mailed information concerning activity fees and advised your children as to whether or not they can join clubs. They assume that your child has your approval to join the club since you have been notified of the fees repeatedly. Kids know if they join a club, there’s going to be a fee. I really don’t think it’s fair to blame this on Mr. Fishbein.

Personally, I think the activity fee is ridiculous. IF you even breath in RHS, the fee applies. I’d like to see a pay-as-you-play structure because I don’t think a kid who attends one Latin club meeting during the year should pay as much as a kid who plays 3 varsity sports (with multiple coaches, trainers, equipment, buses).

2 thoughts on “Readers think School Activities fees though well publicized are “ridiculous”

  1. I’ll take it further. If someone has no children in the schools, they should not have to pay the ‘schools’ portion of the tax bill. We never had any children in the schools and its a disgrace the way you people expect us to subsidize your children. Pay for your own kids.

  2. I graduated rhs in 1976, after my dad died my mom chose to stay in the house, she’s been paying school tax since then and there are no other children after me. so that’s 37 years of taxation and no one to receive the benefits of it. That doesn’t sound right to me. There needs to be change

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