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Readers warm about Pothole problems on Van Dien Ave, Ridgewood.


potholes near Valley Hospital

Readers warm about Pothole problems on Van Dien Ave, Ridgewood.

The potholes on South Van Dien remind me of Sarajevo circa 1994.The potholes on South Van Dien are something to behold.

I defy you to name a street in town that’s in worse condition….

Once we get all the Christmas trees picked up we should turn our attention to the potholes.

Streets Proposed Paving in 2013

The Village Council has approved streets to be paved in 2013.

Click Here

to view the list.

13 thoughts on “Readers warm about Pothole problems on Van Dien Ave, Ridgewood.

  1. The list is a joke.
    I’ve seen streets on ‘the list’ for 5+ years.

  2. I complained about this street two weeks ago.

  3. My new tire set me back $154….should I send that bill to Heather…?

  4. I travel Van Dien from Grove to Glen everyday. This road has been in need of paving since 2011. The potholes are awful, the worst are between Grove & Ridgewood Ave. My husband just had to buy a new tire for $150. I now detour around to avoid this road.

  5. I did see the crews out today.vandien is not the only block that needs repair work.

  6. thats small time, go to paramus.

  7. to # 2 who did you call.

  8. On Elington someone dumped the contents of a few rooms of a house at the curb. Makes it look like a slum.

    Should be required to get a dumpster and remove the debris. Driving is difficult as it is on these roads.d

  9. It appears the 2 monster potholes on North Monroe got filled. Thanks for getting out there and doing a good job street dept.

  10. It’s on the 2013 paving list. Paul promised.

  11. more crews out today repairing pot holes in town, thank you. I know all towns have the same things going on.

  12. Saw a film crew out there filming some moonscape shots for Gravity II.

  13. #10 Paul Aronsohn or Paul Vagionos

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