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Reasons Why People Choose an Open Relationship

Relationships do not, unfortunately, always work out the way that we might want them to. An open relationship is a relationship wherein neither party involved is restricted in their romantic options. This does not mean, however, that one partner loves the other any less, nor vice versa, but rather, they love each other so much that despite whatever rift has caused them to want an open relationship, that they will stay together. It takes a lot of love and trust to be able to stay together through an open relationship. An open relationship is not for everybody, and many would turn their noses up at such a notion in disgust.

Here are some reasons why people choose an open relationship. 


A lot of couples are aroused by the idea of their partner being with another person of the same sex or the opposite sex. Having an open relationship, if that is what you are into, can be a lot of fun. The sex specialists from explain that while it may seem weird at first, it can actually strengthen your relationship, and be a lot of fun. You should of course first consult your partner and ask if it is something that they would consider – delicately, too. Not everybody, as aforementioned, is into it, and for some, it may actually be an insult or very upsetting.

Lack of Sex

In some relationships, one party has a higher sex drive than the other. This can very often be the cause of many problems. If your partner feels that you are not satisfying her or him enough, and you simply cannot keep up or do not want to, an open relationship may potentially be a viable option. An open relationship does not mean your partner will be falling in love with another, but rather, they get sexual satisfaction from another and sexual satisfaction alone. If you cannot keep up – consider branching out.

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Avoiding Conflict

Conflict can, for some, be resolved with an open relationship. Not everything in life is resolved through talking and communication, as some may have you believe, and for many, an open relationship saved their relationship. An open relationship should have rules and you should tell your partner you are not comfortable with them developing feelings for another, and that it should be purely sexual. Couples can opt to take a break or have an open relationship to see if it can resolve their problems – for some, it may work, for others, it may not.


In some relationships, one party may be attracted to the same sex. If this is the case, rather than them having to sneak around, you could consider offering an open relationship. It is hard for somebody who is attracted to two sexes not to receive pleasure and can be very difficult to deal with. If your partner is bisexual, consider allowing them the opportunity to sleep with those of the same sex under your supervision.

Now, with the help of this page, you know why some couples may choose to have an open relationship, and a few reasons you should consider one. An open relationship will not work for everyone and should be considered thoughtfully and suggested delicately.

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