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Recreational Weed Sales Commence in New Jersey to Great Fanfare

photos courtesy of Governor Phil Murphy

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Elizabeth NJ,  Governor Phil Murphy marked the historic opening day of adult-use recreational cannabis sales in New Jersey at Zen Leaf in Elizabeth one of several facilities across the state now selling cannabis to adults 21 years and older. The commencement of the adult-use recreational cannabis market represents another step forward in “New Jersey’s ongoing efforts to create a new cannabis industry that continues to prioritize medical marijuana patients and advance social justice initiatives”.

No word on whether the Governor partook in the festivities .

The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association (NJCBA) President Edmund DeVeaux issued the following statement regarding the historic first sales of legal, adult-use cannabis in New Jersey
calling it “a momentous day for our state”,

“What a momentous day for our state. Today would not have been possible without the hard work of so many. Our heartfelt thanks to all the advocates who fought for years to create a legal, adult-use market in New Jersey. We can’t say enough about Governor Phil Murphy’s first term agenda of legalizing cannabis for adult-use. He never wavered from the notion that our state could achieve some measure of social justice and economic parity for those most harmed by the nation’s failed War on Drugs. We thank Senate President Scutari for pushing legalization years before anyone thought it would be possible.

“Today is a remarkable moment, but it is not the final step. Now that sales have begun, we must ensure that both medical and adult-use cannabis are in supply and affordable for New Jerseyans. Otherwise, our efforts will have been in vain. The NJCBA will continue its work with the CRC as well as businesses and individuals in the cannabis space as the market continues to grow. In the meantime, we hope everyone enjoys the first day of legal, adult-use cannabis and we eagerly anticipate more great news to come.”

3 thoughts on “Recreational Weed Sales Commence in New Jersey to Great Fanfare

  1. Stupidity. Pot is a gateway drug to more dangerous drugs. That’s a fact. Walking around burnt out on pot is something I don’t want to see my kids fall victim to. My kids know not to smoke pot because I educated them on the dangers of smoking that garbage. All parents should teach that to their kids. But the way NJ is going downhill is disappointing in many ways, pot smoking being one of them. I’ve lived in NJ for all my 37 years of life and the way NJ has changed especially under Murphy is nauseating.

  2. Yea, and what you don’t know is junior is smoking weed. Your just to obsessed to notice it. It’s legal. Just like alcohol. I suppose you don’t want Junior to drink either right? Your gonna have a huge problem on your hands.

    1. You are correct.
      I have seen the light.
      I am going to give up…. especially on my kids.

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