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Murphy Administration Continues to Backpedal on Creepy the “Sex Ed” Curriculum

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Trenton NJ, State Senator Holly Schepisi poked fun at the Trenton Political establishment for suddenly pretending they had no idea how creepy the “sex ed” ie …child grooming public education curriculum was .

In Facebook Post Schepisi said , “There has been a lot of back pedaling and claims over the past two weeks that the dropbox link I shared with examples of “model curriculum” for sex-ed in New Jersey would never be implemented, wasn’t intended for our schools and that teachers would never be encouraged to direct children to the website. Some people have gone so far as stating that I am providing intentional misinformation. As I believe facts matter I have tied everything together. What my research has proven is that the “model curriculum” is in fact what would have ultimately been promoted for New Jersey schools. Parents stay involved, stay aware and continue to have your voices heard., Advocates for Youth and Answer at Rutgers are partners with which is Sex Ed for Social Change. Siecus partnered with advocates for Youth and Answer to create the Future of Sex Education which focuses on institutionalizing sex education. They jointly created the updated National Sexuality Education Standards in 2020 which standards were fully adopted by the NJ State DOE at their June 3, 2020 meeting. They also jointly created the “model curriculum” including the videos, to go along with the updated National Sexuality Education Standards which everyone is now backing away from. As an aside, Siecus advocates that Sex Ed in the US historically is a function of middle class white supremacy.
The State of New Jersey on its website has a link
Under this link is a link to Rutgers’ Answer Group. Answer is affiliated with Rutgers and is a partner with Advocates for Youth which creates the Amaze.Org videos.

3 thoughts on “Murphy Administration Continues to Backpedal on Creepy the “Sex Ed” Curriculum

  1. We can thank everyone who voted that clown into office again. Great job!

  2. If they never intended to implement then why is a NJ Kindergarten teacher excited to “diversify our library” =>

  3. These people are sick

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