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Ridgewod Council reviews school district’s budget

Ridgewod Council reviews school district’s budget
Tuesday March 26, 2013, 11:27 AM
The Ridgewood News

After a presentation on next year’s preliminary $91 million school district general fund budget, Village Council members voiced approval of the district’s efforts to provide quality education in difficult economic times.

The presentation, which is available on the district website, brought municipal officials, who manage less than a third of village taxes, together with school board members and district administrators, who manage about two-thirds of each tax dollar. A public hearing on the district budget is scheduled for Wednesday, March 28.

The school tax increase next year will likely amount to about $200 for the average assessed home, if voters approve the budget on Tuesday, April 16.

The preliminary municipal budget presented last week by Village Manager Ken Gabbert, who was present last Monday, included a 1.5 percent, or roughly $225 tax hike. The council, however, is ultimately hoping for a zero percent tax increase.

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  1. I guess the BOE dose not expect passage

  2. A closer look at those joint community facilities might help.

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