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Ridgewood Based Retirement Planning Firm Introduces Monthly Subscription Service for Ongoing Advice from a Certified Financial Planner Professional

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RIDGEWOOD NJ,  With the world today making things look anything but normal, managing finances shouldn’t be one of them. To continue its mission of helping clients put their best financial foot forward, Vision Retirement is introducing a monthly subscription based-service to make sure money decisions made today won’t negatively impact that of tomorrow.

Whether addressing routine questions or tackling life-changing events, Vision Retirement will pair each subscriber with their own Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional for confidence and clarity when it comes to their financial and investment decisions. The New Jersey retirement advice, planning and implementation firm is the first of its kind to offer a subscription-based service in Ridgewood and Nutley, where its offices are located. Priced at just $69/month, Vision Retirement’s plan offers ongoing access to a CFP® professional which includes a custom investment roadmap, portfolio review and an essentials checkup to ensure financial basics are kept current including insurance policies and social security benefits.

“For a small investment that is essentially less than the price of a monthly cell phone bill, there’s no excuse not to make sure you’re on, and stay on, the right track to reach your goals,” said Paul Muller, AEP®, CFP®, Founder and CCO of Vision Retirement. “By having access to meet with a Certified Financial Planner™ professional whenever they need, we want our clients to move forward knowing that the financial decisions they’re making today won’t adversely impact their future.”

With a mission to simplify the retirement journey for its clients, Vision Retirement is also offering subscribers access to technology-related services to store tax returns and other important files such as insurance documents and wills in one central, cloud-based storage location. Other components featured in the plan include a personal risk number assessment and monthly pulse survey which gauges one’s outlook on the current markets and their own financial future, which is further supported through complimentary access to published market commentary and insights.  Add-on services including fiduciary investment management and integrated financial planning are also available for an extra fee. Tax services will be offered as another additional option next year.

To further boot, Vision Retirement is offering all subscribers a ‘100 for 100’ guarantee with the option to receive a full refund if their expectations are not met. Subscribers of the plan can access their CFP® professional at any time by scheduling an appointment online. Video conferencing, phone or in-person meetings are available. In addition, Vision Retirement also continues to partner with local businesses and designated groups to offer its services, including the new monthly subscription package, to employees or members at no cost to the employer or organization. To learn more or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, visit

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood Based Retirement Planning Firm Introduces Monthly Subscription Service for Ongoing Advice from a Certified Financial Planner Professional

  1. I did not know you could advertise on this blog.The founder’s claim to fame is scoring 16 points in a high school basketball 🏀 game. Wow impressive but what will he do with my retirement funds I would be more interested in knowing that. Young guy probably fast talker.

  2. He’s working on his early retirement…

  3. With all due respect to the talented well respected financial advisors , the majority of the hedge funds cannot come close to beating their ‘baseline’, the SP500 index. So I’d never pay 2+20 when 80 percent of the hedge funds fail to beat the SP500 index… which i get buy direct from Vanguard and pay something like a 1/10th of a point fee.

    1. there is more than return to retirement planning

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