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Ridgewood Board of Education Subterfuge : Did A Board member Join the Attacks on Fellow Board Members ?

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, it does appear to many that a Board member seems to be plotting with the attack’s on fellow school board members :
“…on Page 82 Ms. Brogan provides an interesting road map on how ethics violations might be committed by Board Members.”

Did you notice that Brogan’s reply to Stacey was addressed to Stacey only, she did not copy any of her own board members? Meanwhile, Kwak’s reply to Stacey begins with “Dear Ms. Loscalzo, I am copying the entire board in the spirit of transparency.”
Brogan goes on to apologize to Stacey, and provides her a roadmap to make her own ethics violation claims to further distract the board, but she makes no mention at all about Stacey ‘standing behind’ her husbands email to force the resignation of two of her fellow board members, perhaps Ms. Brogan needs to explain why she is apologizing to Stacey, on what appears to be on behalf of the board, (Mr. Lembo, please ask her about this, its a clear violation of the Boards trust, one board member does not speak for the entire board) and why she completely ignored their email to Fishbein suggesting forcing the resignation of her fellow board members, Kwak and Dani. Brogan has a lot of explaining to do to her fellow board members, in full public view, otherwise she needs to resign, she is apparently what is called ‘rogue’.

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood Board of Education Subterfuge : Did A Board member Join the Attacks on Fellow Board Members ?

  1. Brogan is a disgrace. Year her disciples cheered her

  2. RAA issued a no confidence vote for dani and kwak without explaining their vote. At the same time they clapped and cheered Brogan.

    This proves that Brogan, Stacey, Fishbein, and RAA were working together in the scheme to discredit two board members who discovered financial irregularities in the board business.

    If RAA was genuinely concerned about the actions of two board members, they would have pointed out those specific issues or actions. If RAA was genuinely gathered there to ask the board to stop fishbein from resigning, why did they clap for Sheila unless they knew her plan in advance.

    So this is what I think happened.
    Fishbein realized that the new board is not going to be his rubber stamp and he decides to retire a couple of years early.
    Sheila, RAA, and One Vote group realized that their game is going to change, and they panicked. They then planned this Sept 14th demonstration in hopes to keep fihsbein around and discredit the new board. These RAA admins have a lot to lose when fishbein leaves and a new superintendent starts asking them questions om their poor performance. Sheila has a lot to lose when he leaves as she has been using school resources for her other non profit efforts. Stacey and one vote team has a lot to lose as fishbein uses school mailing list for their marketing and hires these guys for all consulting assignments.

    This was all a coordinated effort and it’s becoming clear now.

    Sheila must resign!

  3. This explanation sounds correct. Both fishbein and sheila signed one vote petition, knowing that the petition should have been submitted to the BOE and not to the council. One vote team used this rally to promote their campaign. They were there to distribute campaign flyers. This was their attempt to use fishbein’s resignation as they campaign event.

  4. This is a genuine question, is there actual evidence any of the OV team are hired as consultants for the District or Village? Or is it a hypothesis?

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