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Ridgewood Board of Education: The Future of Lower Hawes fields and Orchard field

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photo of Glen School field

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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Board of Education held a vigorous discussion on the Ridgewood field policy led by Hyunju Kwak, Vice President. The  Fields Committee: Village Council, BOE, and Sports Teams meet  on September 12th; meeting are held first Tuesday of month at 7am and they are open to the public. Next meeting is October 3rd.

Discussion focused on lower Hawes fields and Orchard field. Lower Hawes fields are a Village of Ridgewood asset and Orchard field is the now infamous “tell the kids don’t eat the dirt” field. Orchard field was remediated by the NJ DEP and is use is strictly controlled by the DEP. Without saying anything directly  lower Hawes seems to be the next target for a turf field .

The board also discussed  the MasterLibrary program. The MasterLibrary program is a software system that manages the demand and maintenance of  facilities and spaces across a school district. The Village also has  their own version of the software system and there was talk of future integration between the two systems .

It was pointed out that Glen School fields are also in terrible shape ,but the casual observation would suggest that the ball field at Glen School is hardly used . Superintendent of Schools Mark Schwartz chimed in with the fact that elementary schools do not have sports programs like the Middle Schools and Ridgewood High School so there would need to  examine the level resources allocated to field maintenance.

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22 thoughts on “Ridgewood Board of Education: The Future of Lower Hawes fields and Orchard field

  1. Middle schools do not have sports programs

  2. “ Without saying anything directly lower Hawes seems to be the next target for a turf field .”

    How to start a rumor. The anti Schedler octet is at it again.

  3. Richard Brooks and Gail Price can fix this!

  4. Here we go again….

  5. Why include a pic of Glen School field?

    1. That field is a cow pasture.

  6. HS lax coaches should stick to coaching and stand clear of political issues. Its a conflict of interest.

    1. And he coaches soccer too….

  7. RBSA used to take care of the fields they use (at least pay for the service to take care of them). What you see at Glen School is a non-RBSA field that the town/BOE is responsible for.

    1. They (RBSA) still play baseball at Glen…

  8. The mayor will gladly loan the Village $47K at 10% interest to help alleviate the problem.

  9. Hawes is not a rumor and it’s not idle gossip. It is happening. Fasten your seatbelts Hawes neighborhood.

    1. Back in ’92, Fast Eddie tried to put turf, lights, and a sound system in at Upper Hawes.

      He was tarred and feathered that night.

      Pee Wee will get spanked by the Hawesians.

  10. Hate to be logical, but if there is a shortage of fields and an oversupply of money, why not spend some of that money fixing up the fields at Glen, Hawes and Ridge?
    Do it for da kids.

  11. I live in the hawes neighborhood and what concerns me, they will then erect the horrible, way to bright lights and spotlights!! Not good especially for those of us who live right by Hawes here in the lawns

  12. Repaired and put down sod. The village is wasting so much money on this fake grass. They are bankrupt in the village. The village cannot just keep on spending millions of dollars on fields. When is this going to end? The big problem is down the road to replace it at at 10 years and cost is even more .money.

  13. The money of us Ridgewood tax payers should go to more important things! It is all so sad to see what our village has become. It is ridiculous to spend money on this stupid turf. Why is it so “blanking” important? We and now our children have been playing on grass for many decades. Such a very sad waste of money

    1. It is called being short sighted and stupid plus there are probably kickbacks for people (maybe Vag, Brooks, Price) anyone can speculate. Obviously they are in debt and not spending on their mortgage, but why push for turf on and on (Vag)? When you see that someone like these folks want something so badly, there is more than meets the eye.

    2. artificial fields are cheaper to maintain (if they are not in a flood plain)

      1. I think the village engineer said that they took out flood insurance because, wait for it….Schedler floods despite what they say , so why keep pushing, kickbacks )vag, brooks and price)?

  14. How is the space at Ridge? That school doesn’t get much action?

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