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Ridgewood Board of Education Trustee Updates on Ridgewood School Fields


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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Board of Education trustee Mike Lembo  comments out school fields in a Facebook post:

I know a lot of people have been asking about the school fields. Starting this past Monday (7/13), the school fields, playgrounds, and basketball courts are now open except for the following fields:
* Stevens Field (RHS) will be closed until the turf is replaced. We are hopefully scheduled to start the work mid-August, so it currently fenced off.
* Orchard field and playground until the remediation is complete.
* BF large field and track. We are trying to get the grass back in shape, so if you need a track to run on, you can use the High School field or Vets field that both have great tracks!
We are so lucky in town to have so many beautiful fields both at the schools and that the Village owns. Please help out by not using the three fields listed so we can ge them into shape as soon as possible!
Please still conform to current CDC guidelines by wearing masks when possible and maintain social distancing. We are not out of this yet.
Enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having!

5 thoughts on “Ridgewood Board of Education Trustee Updates on Ridgewood School Fields

  1. Superintendent’s bidding?

  2. schools have been closed for 4+ mths. more than enough time to get grass to grow at BF….wakeup

  3. They are in the process of ripping out the old turf at Stevens after a questionable process that Dr. Fishbein orchestrated. As a result of his misinformation to Board members, they went with a product that is inferior to other products offered at a competitive price with a firm with multiple law suits filed against them in New Jersey alone. I would have settled for the recent turf replacement which was installed at Maple Field as it was an improvement over RHS Stadium and now Stevens. I am not disappointed in Dr. Fishbein because I expected his poor behavior. I just don’t know why except it is a bad case of administrative obstinance: my way or the High way.

  4. This blog is so anti Fishbein

  5. The blog is anti Fishbein? Only four people are pro Fishbein

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