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Ridgewood Councilmember Siobhan Winograd enters unsafe area with “clunky” shoes to film video for posting on her social media pages


the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, Just when our staff thought the end of summer might also signal an end to ridiculous reports made from the dais by Ridgewood Councilmember Siobhan Winograd, comes more bizarre news announced by the Councilmember herself, of course, during a public meeting held this past Wednesday.

Ms. Winograd openly admitted to entering the historic Zabriskie-Schedler House on West Saddle River Road (she recently said this about the house: “Nobody should go in the house. It’s not safe.”) for the sole purpose of shooting a selfie video (“I did make sort of an HGTV walk through tour that I plan posting on social media once I can get it together.”).

The Councilmember also fessed up to wearing a pair of her signature high-heeled, platform shoes  (“clunky shoes”) during the visit. We wonder if those shoes were rated OSHA-Complaint for active construction sites. Hmm.

The best comedy writers in the world seem unable to top the recent material spewing from Councilmember Winograd’s mouth. Free viewing on live cable, Zoom, SWAGIT, and/or YouTube. Don’t miss it.

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35 thoughts on “Ridgewood Councilmember Siobhan Winograd enters unsafe area with “clunky” shoes to film video for posting on her social media pages

  1. Let me be clear, nobody should go in that house, except me.

    1. And Rorick Halaby who continues to break in and ignore the no trespassing signs. But since he is friends with Siobahn and Vag, I guess it is ok.

      1. ya gotta see RH on these videos. He is scowling the whole time. What a miserable guy. He is apparently in Siobhan’s triple secret club where is is privy to information before it gets out. Oooooh how exciting!

  2. She is half-baked.

  3. This is who makes the decisions for Ridgewood. God help us all

  4. Typical democrat.

    1. I resent that deeply. Absolutely untrue.

  5. She continues to be her own worst enemy.

  6. Someone in her family needs to put a short leash with a choke collar on her.

    1. let’s avoid saying such things. awful.

  7. I hope this freak didn’t go to school in Ridgewood. That wouldn’t say much for Ridgewoods’ education system. She has to go, and take that lying Mayor with her.

    1. She’s a graduate of Orchard, GW, and RHS.

  8. The Blog’s pettiness knows no boundaries.

    1. the a$$ kissers no boundaries

    2. You complain about the blog incessantly, but yet you still read it regularly?

      1. Because it’s fun to hear losers whine lol😂

        1. look within urself

    3. To “The Blog’s pettiness knows no boundaries” I say, If the shoe fits wear it! Pun intended!!

  9. The village is in the toilet.

  10. Of all of the meaningful issues you could discuss, this is what you fixate on?

    Life is too short.

    1. This is the issue the Councilmember chose to fixate on. She ranted on about the danger, not the public.

    2. Ok, let’s fixate on the shady consultant. What say you about that hot topic? Thoughts? I would love to hear them?

  11. She IS a freak. Perfect characterization.

  12. Aw boo hoo to all of you criticizing the blog for poking a little fun at the expense of a dimwit bobblehead as one part of 4 idiots responsible for managing how Village resources are allocated. Heck if we weren’t laughing so hard, we would be crying every day with all of the shenanigans this majority block is up to. I say, can’t we have a little levity once in a while at the expense of someone who truly deserves it. Her comments are incredibly stupid, so if you want people’s respect, ya actually have to try to earn it and stop lying and scheming. If their supporters can be front and center on Facebook saying how great this majority block because they benefit financially from Ridgewood or they get information that helps them in some way (you know who you are). then this blog can at the very least post things of this nature. Sorry but I tell the truth and if you don’t know what is going on, you might want to pay attention.

    1. start by checking ur tax bill at the 4% increase

    2. would love to see all those with tiffany blue signs in their lawn to raise their hand now….

  13. She is unhinged. How does RW produce such “talents”? Is it the water?

  14. Has she posted her HGTV selfie video yet?

  15. She is the most ridiculous embarrassment to our village ever.

  16. When the recall petition for the mayor is distributed, please sign it and send a copy to your friends in town.

  17. Absolutely no one should be in that building. So she said. Except for her clomping around to take a narcissistic selfie video. She is ridiculous.

  18. Remember this is the same twit who ran around like her little blond head was on fire crying about a 3 percent tax increase, during Covid. Yet in her first budget on the council she voted to increase taxes by 6 percent to pay for all this Schedler waste and nonsense so she could do her donors’ bidding.
    Her incredible idiocy, lying, and hypocritical actions aside, she really is one of the most dangerous, embarrassing and clueless people ever elected in this Village. The voters should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. People feel ashamed when they have conscience. Her voters have no brains, otherwise they would have never voted for her. They just vote for the next ‘cool” thing. Put on a colorful dress, scream for lgbt rights, repeat global warming like a parrot and you’re in.

    2. Her behavior and prioritization of the sports people over the rest of Ridgewood, when we needed cops and Ridgewood keeps saying no more money for essential services and potential furloughs and VERY low morale at Village hall is shameful. This is a clown show and she is one of the stars!

  19. You know how Ridgewood is always bragging about being the hot place to be and on the most designed listing. You know, designer garbage cans and all. Well what if everyone on the East side of Ridgewood ends up being so miserable that they try to sell their homes really fast before “Shedler Park” sports complex becomes a reality. Then what. We go from the hot property to a place like Flint Michigan when the motor companies pulled up roots. Most people will not want to live over there with hoards of sports teams clamoring. I dunno,just a thought based on hearing how many people want to get out of dodge.

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