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Ridgewood Councilwoman Siobhan Winograd Conveniently Changes her Tune about Schedler

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the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, as a candidate for elected office, private citizen Siobhan Winograd said something different about developing the Schedler property than now Councilwoman Siobhan Winograd is saying. Check out this campaign mailer of hers we just dug up.

Hmm. Did anyone notice whether the Councilwoman’s pants were on fire the last time she was seen in public?

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26 thoughts on “Ridgewood Councilwoman Siobhan Winograd Conveniently Changes her Tune about Schedler

  1. A train wreck in Ridgewood worse than the recent one in Ohio.

  2. Did anyone notice that since 2017 the site was secretly submitted to SHPO for protection, and the small parts of the plan which do exist and have been approved by SHPO now make the 2017 plan impossible to execute? Before she was ever on the Council. Thanks Susan.

    1. secretly submitted LOL

    2. You’re quite the clown. Where can I see your act in person?

    3. “secretly submitted” is an utterly absurd suggestion. The Village Council unanimously adopted a resolution to fund the archaelogical study to complete the historic investigation. The State of New Jersey declared the property historic. Stop with the ridiculousness.

    4. The 2017 plan is impossible because the soccer people on the ad hoc committee used the wrong dimensions. The plan posted on the Village website continues to show the wrong dimenstions without the runoff. The plan shows the park property narrowed by 9′ all along West Saddle RIver Road to add parking spaces because the field is too big for the property. Who were the soccer people on the ad hoc committee?

  3. Re-trade

  4. I understand this campaign flyer will be distributed at Village Hall this evening as a reminder

  5. What has changed since the November election to influence the re-trade? Need to hear directly from the councilwoman on why she misled Ridgewood voters.

    1. A classic case of bait and switch.

    2. Her husband, for one, was sitting in the audience staring at her. Pressure is being brought to bear from the sports groups.

  6. She’s just being squirrely…………………………….

  7. I think she’s just a puppet of Paul V and CBD Dr developers.
    She will just do what they ask her to do.
    They funded her campaign and now it’s time to get their money back.

    1. Now she will find out what she signed on to…………………..

    2. Funded her campaign?

      Signs cost $150. Flyers an additional $100.

      What’s to fund ?

  8. Let’s keep giving Ramon credit for things he didn’t do.

  9. Have you looked into this woman’s eyes? There is nothing there. Nothing. Other people control her.

  10. why not hold Evan Weitz to his campaign promise? he also says he’ll finish the Schedler project.

  11. Winograd made sh*^t up and flat out lied for years. She should never have been elected.

  12. This twit can’t tell the truth. I hope she gets hammered for lying to the public in public. Unfortunately it takes something like this to wake up the sleepy Ridgewood voter after the fact. These four sleaze bags have two years to ram through the developer’s agenda before the next election. This is only the opening act of the Vag’s traveling puppet show. The only thing that can save the Village is if public pressure is enough to cause the blonde dumpster fire to have a nervous breakdown.

  13. Siobhan is squirming on the dais. Vagianos got shitty and cut off public comments. Lorraine pleaded that all who wished to speak could do so but Vagianos shut her down. Perron and Weitz radio silence.

  14. Listening to her tonight it is clear she is fully set to fulfill her agenda. V is trying to be “the reasonable” guy here but you can bet your farm he will stamp it with both hands. He is so, so fake. At least she doesn’t try too hard to hide what she stands for. The 2 other puppets are pretty cold, no comments, just a sure YAY vote. Good job neighbors. You certainly picked winners.
    The biggest id.!ots of all are those who want sports fields for their kids temp use, while permanently screwing the neighborhood and opening the whole area to air and noise pollution. You know, the same people who scream about global warming, environment, human rights etc. while cutting trees to install solar panels or cancerous artificial fields. Enjoy yourselves f00ls.
    Personally, I do not care anymore. A couple of more years and I am out of here.

  15. She babbled on and on at Wednesday night’s meeting about why she changed her mind. The excuse she offered was a lame one at best. She should not be trusted under any circumstances. Period the end.

  16. It’s amazing how much time effort money at the village spends on bullshit things. People wake up can you imagine how many things are hidden from the mayor and council

  17. During Wednesday evening’s Village Council Workshop, Whine -O-Grad stated her support for the installation of a regulation sized football/lacrosse/soccer field, along with artificial turf and permanent field lighting at Schedler. The devil in a pink sweater. Don’t trust her ever!

  18. Blondie said no Lights but put in the conduit for lights. Yeah. No lights. Sure. We believe you.

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