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Ridgewood Deputy Mayor Pamela Perron says “no” to waiting public comments

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Ridgewood NJ, ehen informed that there were three (3) members of the public waiting to make public comments via “hybrid access” during Wednesday night’s Village Council Public Work Session, Ridgewood Deputy Mayor Pamela Perron said this: “I need to go home.”

Yep. She didn’t give a hoot if there were residents who’d been patiently waiting their respective turns to address the Council; our self-serving Deputy Mayor needed to go home.
Ain’t that something folks. Watch and listed for yourselves.

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26 thoughts on “Ridgewood Deputy Mayor Pamela Perron says “no” to waiting public comments

  1. She shuts down committee meetings in the same way. Finally showing her true colors. Can Pam!

  2. She needs a vacation.

    1. A permanent vacation.

  3. Council rep on Chamber of Commerce

    Lets fill every vacant store front w a mens barbershop

    1. Or an Ice Cream store

  4. She looks very mean and so not surprised that she acts same. Perhaps more roughage in her diet would provide some relief to her otherwise backed up view of letting people have their say in a public forum.

  5. The person who said she does this at committee and board meetings as well is absolutely correct. I had it happen where I was waiting on zoom to speak, and she just decided to slam her laptop shot and killed a zoom. She is really awful.

    1. God created Retirement for Tired People

  6. That sums up what the four NORMAL members are about, they could care less about the Village residents. Funny I would bet anything the people who voted for the NORMAL members don’t even realize what is happening in with this Council and what an actual Joke the four of them are.

    1. Refer Young Frankenstein :

      Gene Wilder discovered the Abby-normal brain was erroneously slotted into Franks head with cranky results and very bad TopHat
      And Cane Dance Routine during social meetings.Union piano player was exceptional .Result:The Band Played ON

  7. While I might not be a huge fan of some of her decisions, I really don’t think she is a mean person. My opinion is that she is very smart and very introspective and therefore she has a very serious look on her face most of the time, but it is because she is a lawyer by trade and her mind is always going. That being said, she isn’t the best at the more administrative nuances of the job especially when it comes to the public comment portion of Council meetings or at some of the committee meetings. I also think she gets nervous about what people will potentially say and especially at the committee meetings where it is a closed setting where there are a limited number of people present, she is likely trying to avoid any controversial topic where she can.

  8. Stop the hybrid meetings. They are ridiculous. These people made it a big part of their platform. Okay, they tried it and it is stupid.

    Due in part to the way Mr. Vagianos has chosen to play it, it is at least as exclusive as inclusive. Jumping to phone calls before everyone present has spoken is offensive. Calling in is a huge privilege, not a right, and waiting “in line” just means getting another cup of coffee. Everyone who has made the effort to show up must be heard FIRST. Expecting people to get in line an hour or more before the meeting starts in order to be among the “first 10” is absurd and wrong. Making people stand on a hard floor while people phone in from home is frankly insulting. It is even worse when they are told they won’t be heard, after all.

    Unacceptable. Pretend the telephone was not invented and let people show up and speak. That is what town meetings are all about. Those wishing to comment otherwise are free to contact the council via email, “meet the mayor,” or whatever.

    Please, council, consider this a failed experiment and return to the normal mode. If you want to allow call-ins, they must come last, or if you must go home before then, just say sorry, not this time. Then the person can pick up the remote control instead of driving home in bad weather wondering why they missed dinner and wasted their entire evening.

    1. I couldn’t disagree with you more. The only part I agree with is getting those people who showed up and lined up to speak first then the call ins can have their chance. Many people are juggling responsibilities these days with many people being back at work and people with children cannot always juggle getting a babysitter to come to a Village Council meeting, therefore it sounds very self serving to suggest that we go back to old ways when we have this technology that can benefit people who are unable to make it. I do agree, however that those individuals who can come, do try to show up and that it should not be used by people who just don’t feel like showing up. It is there as an alternative.

  9. This hypocrite is the same jackass pushing hard for “hybrid” meetings. This isn’t the first time that a big hybrid meeting advocate shut down the very hybrid access they insisted we needed during the last election. Sure it sounds real nice to allow residents to call it in, but the new council majority looks like a pack of assholes when they shut down the hybrid portion of the meeting every week.
    It’s amazing that these supposedly “smart lawyer” people can’t see how poorly they look when they do things like this.
    What’s really going to be funny is when they start sending out election propaganda next year claiming credit for bringing the Village hybrid access to public meetings, and I can almost assure you they will be listing it as one of their accomplishments during their next reelection bid.

  10. That old guy got up again and she probably got tired of hearing him drone on. It was at that exact time when PV asked her if they wanted to listen to more comments cause he was leaving. I am not sayin it is right, but could be why.

    1. Nah. This Council LOVES Rurik Halably as much as he loves them. He is one of their biggest supporters. Havent you been paying attention the past decade of so.

      1. He is very hard to listen to. Maybe they are as sick and tired of hearing him pontificate as the rest of us.

      2. He is annoying and his fake news (sound familiar) is really a waste of everyone’s time and he just speaks so that he can listen to himself. He is fake, fake, fake with his ridiculous nonsensical ideas of how the Village should spend their money. What ever happened to the bowtie? I guess now he is part of the Member’s only club.

  11. I recall some goals to end the meetings by 11pm. If those 3 folks were in the room, would they have also said “meeting closed”?

    BTW – did the 3 people get to talk even if Pam was not there?

    1. Pam stayed. Vag left.

  12. Well, it wasn’t as bad as when a former Councilmen (Albert Puccarelli) proclaimed that a meeting should end and that he “was the only one in the room with a real job to go to in the morning.” That was quite a night!

    1. He was an insufferable douche

      1. Hey!

        1. SorryDB! Please forgive me.

  13. Remember when someone recommended that Al Gore wear earth tones…?

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