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Ridgewood Fire Inspector Uncovers an Unstable Brick Facade on Broad Street

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, a Ridgewood Fire Department Fire Inspector performing a routine inspection on Thursday afternoon, 05/14, observed an unstable brick facade on the front of mixed use building located at 18 South Broad Street, Ridgewood. A Ridgewood Police uniformed patrol officer and personnel from Ridgewood Emergency Services assisted Ridgewood firefighters in getting vehicles moved from the street, and cordoning off the sidewalk & parking spaces in front of the damaged building. Front doors to apartments above and the restaurant below were marked with caution tape and signs as being “unsafe.” A construction crew was scheduled to perform demolition and repair work on Friday, 05/15. The building was deemed safe for occupancy by a sub code official from the Village’s Building Department.

15 thoughts on “Ridgewood Fire Inspector Uncovers an Unstable Brick Facade on Broad Street

  1. Thank you to Boyd Loving for some more invasive photos into the nonsense of what he considers news.

    1. and if the bricks would have fallen on your head ?????

  2. Taking photos of a public street in not invasive.

  3. “Invasive”? Wow. I guess when I walk down the street now, I must keep my vision straight ahead. If I look to the side, am I being invasive?

  4. Invasive? Thank you Boyd Loving for letting us know what is going on. I hope to shake your hand one day. When the pandemic is over.

  5. Good Catch

  6. Jimmy Olsen !

  7. Schedler has an unstable facade and no historical value… tear it down

    1. what does this have to do with Schedler ?

  8. I heard an inspector say that the building was a piece of s*** so much lack of maintenance by the owner. No wonder bricks are falling out. Saw the police had a do not cross line, so thanks Boyd for pointing it out.

  9. Thank God the bricks didn’t fall on anybody. Some people are not thinking just got a been a disaster. we have extremely old beautiful buildings throughout the CBD. They all should be inspected thank you

  10. Speaking of Schedler, what’s going on over there…?

  11. 60-90 ,take a ride over there and take a look for her yourself. The place is looking pretty damn good. They are restoring the house cleaning up the property at least it’s no more eyesore.

  12. That littl doorway was a menace to society?

  13. First I will take this opportunity to thank Boyd for his very appreciated keeping us up to date with whatever is going on around town. Particularly for pointing out dangerous situations of which we need to be made aware.

    Second, Schedler. I know it’s looking good. It should be with the fortune already spent on it. I still don’t know how a building can be declared “historic” when not one item of the original building will be left. The council decided to do “it right” which means a wooden shake roof, copper gutters and downspouts outside (and probably inside too), new “Antique bubbled glass” and who knows what else? They have found no use for it, no one who wants to rent it and use it. It was suggested that “maybe the neighbors on West Saddle River Road would enjoy it for a meeting place. Its entrance and exit are very close to where cars tear of off Rt 17 N and won’t have time to stop when a car suddenly pulls out in front of them. The road itself is too narrow to even have a dividing line and only one car can get through at a time when anyone is parked on either side. And the landscapers often park across from each other which only allows a very small car to get through. And don’t forget, if they finally find a use for it, we will have to pay a full time caretaker to be there when it is being used. Unlock, lock and clean up at a very minimum. If you thought the school board budget was out of line, take a look at Schedler!

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