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Ridgewood housing hearings stalled


Ridgewood housing hearings stalled
Thursday March 7, 2013, 1:42 PM
The Ridgewood News

Ridgewood Planning Board members found enough merit after nearly two years of presentations and expert testimony to move out of the work session phase and into an official public hearing to consider four developers’ request to amend the village’s master

The public hearing on proposed multi-family housing in the Central Business District (CBD), however, likely will not begin for several months.

For a litany of reasons – most notably the imminent, court-ordered second public hearing for The Valley Hospital expansion – the start of the public hearing on downtown housing will be pushed back toward the latter part of the year.

A scheduling order handed down last month by Superior Court Judge Alexander Carver III requires the Planning Board to reach a decision on Valley by June 30; however, the summer will not be optimal for the housing issue since those months typically preclude full public participation, which Mayor Paul Aronsohn said he hopes to avoid.

2 thoughts on “Ridgewood housing hearings stalled

  1. Residents will be to concerned with Vally meeting that they will not see the overlay zone coming. “Big Al The Developers Friend” flip flopped about the Village Garage Property at the end of Chestnut St. One meeting he said developer will look at it and the next meeting its may be single family houses on an acre of land, its up to the Planning Board. After he and Mayor Paul Aronsohn get done stacking the Planning Board we will see what happens. Watch out Walnut St residents you will see Franklin Ave sprawl into you backyards. “Big Al The Developers Friend” property will be worth more if it is zoned commercial redevelopment

  2. this smell’s.

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