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Ridgewood may increase fees for private police assignments


Ridgewood may increase fees for private police assignments
Tuesday March 19, 2013, 11:03 AM
The Ridgewood News

A revenue-generating proposal from the Ridgewood Police Department’s top brass and the village manager’s office likely will not solve all of the village’s financial challenges, but the initiative has already earned the preliminary support of governing officials.

The Village Council on Wednesday introduced an ordinance that, if approved on April 10, will increase the fees assessed to private companies and contractors for the use of police personnel.

Over the past two weeks, police officials and the village manager outlined plans to up the charges for special police duties, such as providing traffic detail for landscapers and utility companies doing work along Ridgewood streets. The proposed changes include an increase to a flat $20 fee for each administrative and maintenance purpose.

One thought on “Ridgewood may increase fees for private police assignments

  1. That money should stay with the pd and not go into the general fund It could be used to purchase a traffic vehicle, increase training hours , or cut down on ammunition costs.

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