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Readers Mock NJEA Endorsement of Senator Barbara Bruno


Readers Mock NJEA  Endorsement of Senator Barbara Bruno

What a shocker?

No, this can’t be true?

Union people, voting for the person who better supports their 4+% raises, premium healthcare, and pensions….

Why wouldn’t you support pay freezes, like the public sector gets, Paying more into your healthcare like the public sector does, and eliminating your pensions and start paying into 401Ks like the public sector does? GO, Christie, GO

Most States are being crippled by Unions now. People working in Union plans today will collect more in retirement than the years they actually spent working? Think about it? Maybe Obamacare will take a few more out earlier than expected? What a great plan, put Barack and his family on this? Put Congress on Obamacare?

The truth sometimes hurts

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