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Ridgewood News controversial edit of “Letter to the editor” Sparks Furor

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April 9,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Ridgewood News controversial edit of “Letter to the editor” sparks further controversy on Hudson Garage and  a the referendum at next general election.

Ridgewood News letter: In support of the petition :

According to Gail McLaughlin McCarthy  ,”They edited. We gave them our attorneys contact info and they chose not to call them to fact check. ridiculous. The petition will be submitted April 12. We are confident that if a special election is called, it is because the council majority chooses to spend more money. On top of the $600,000.00 already spent according to Gwenn.

Here is the letter we actually submitted, before the editors got hold of it. We supplied backup of all statements, yet they still edited.

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9 thoughts on “Ridgewood News controversial edit of “Letter to the editor” Sparks Furor

  1. STOP running ads in Ridgewood News as soon as the new council is elected.
    STOP sending e news letters to “moms & dads” group as soon as new council is elected.
    These two media outlets need a lesson.

  2. Doesn’t matter. From what I could see, people were flocking to sign that petition. My guess, they got every signature they needed and then some.
    The garage wanters must be scratching their heads now that Roberta announced there’s no parking problem in the village.
    Edit their letters all you want. Look at the reputations of the petitioners and then look at the reps of the ones fighting them. It speaks for itself.

  3. The village “bond counsel” is so out of their element on this one it isn’t even funny. If you need a gynecologist would you go to a podiatrist? That is effectively where they are getting their counsel. As I understand it, Matt Rogers is not advising on this because he has involvement with Mt. Carmel.

    Anyone can spend some time on google and find case law to suggest Home Rule is available to every municipality in NJ, Faulker or otherwise. The petitioners can take it all the way to the NJ supreme court if they wanted.

    My advice to the council, repeal BCIA, drop the garage a level and start building.

  4. There are plenty of signatures. The garage plan is going to have to be redrawn and made smaller. Take that Paulie boy!

  5. I like it – one level down, shovel in the ground.

  6. ROBERTA likely woke up and is trying to snap too with the reality of her betrayals…sinking into the one in the mirror…

  7. Interesting that Mr Rogers has recused himself from this matter due to his affiliation with Mt Carmel. I’m sure it would be perfectly “legal” for him to advise the Village, but rather than having to answer even one question about his objectivity, he immediately removed himself. Wouldn’t it be great if our elected officials could act with the same level of maturity rather than taking the defense of their integrity to Facebook?

  8. 6:30pm, are you sure about this? He was always present at the council meetings /public hearings about the garage.

  9. Richard Brooks letter to the Editor is pathetic..lets change the rules on legal citizen Referendums to protect the fragile fabric of the status quo..

    Sorry Charlie..ain’t gonna cut is at each other’s throats for good cause ,main ones are the betrayal of trust and financial monkey business
    to create uneeded and oversized Garage for the restauranties and their politocos…meanwhile Rome is burning and Roberta has her crack team counting empty parking spots at Cottage Place and the other empty parking lots…can’t make this up..Towns becoming a joke just on the fiscal side..No less the lack of any straight dealing on real issues like Valley who
    Watched waited and listened while we put the chains around our own necks with overdevelopment and non conforming projects..they have good Lawyers too ..we can add this to the list of current government failures to protect the town from These risks .

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