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Ridgewood officials report road signs are disappearing

Ridgewood officials report road signs are disappearing
September 13, 2013, 2:21 PM
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, According to Acting Village Manager Heather Mailander road signs in the Village are disappearing  at an alarming  rate  telling the Ridgewood News on Wednesday that about 75 signs have gone missing in the last month. ( )

This is not only a financial burden for tax payers but can create dangerous road conditions, for both motorists and pedestrians.

The village is urging residents to notify officials at Village Hall if they observe road signs knocked from poles. Resident who witness anyone illegally removing signs should call the Ridgewood Police Department at 201-652-3900.

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9 thoughts on “Ridgewood officials report road signs are disappearing

  1. No one should be stealing signs…unless the Village tries to comply with ridiculous Federal guidelines (read: make-work program) to replace all street signs that are in upper case only be both upper and lower case. Chris Rutishauser didn’t complain that it was a “financial burden”

  2. This is nothing new street signs and road signs are always being stolen by teens.

  3. The Yankees steal signs, but haven’t been caught.

  4. At least we don’t live in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

  5. Heather better wake up…college kids take signs or their dorm rooms. It ain’t no thing.

  6. It ain’t no thing. It is theft and causes road hazards. Stop making excuses for stupidity.

  7. well we had a jerk steel coins and a lot of them, kid’s been doing this for years, remember the 70’s. but when some one steels a stop sign thats not to funny.we don’t need any one getting into a car crash.

  8. hey that person who stole all that change how much was the total amount. the talk on the street is it;s big big money.

  9. o it was very big money. but of corse the top dog’s will try to keep all the info from us. too late it’s out.

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