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Ridgewood Parking :The fact is everyone is going to have to give something

March 25,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, During Wednesday evening’s Village Council Work Session, Village Engineer Christopher Rutishauser was asked to ascertain the feasibility of adding approximately 40 additional parking spaces at the Ridgewood train station.  Mayor Susan Knudsen suggested that additional parking spaces might be added by removing the large, grass & tree covered center island in the current parking lot.
The fact is Ridgewood commuters need the parking, and this is a small price to pay along with perhaps a smaller far less ambitious parking facility on Hudson street.
The reality is that on  weekends and during large events ,such as the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce car show there is not enough parking.
After extensive observations the Ridgewood blog concludes it is going to take a multi-pronged effort to create viable solutions for the Village . The fact is everyone is going to have to give something.
1) First we need to get as many commuters off the Street of the central business district as possible . Parking for Commuters needs to be a minimum of 12 hours .  This can be done by creating more parking at the train station and the bus station but also by using more carpooling , uber etc..and dare we say a massive increase in bicycle parking to get people to their point of departure.
2) Employees in the central business district MUST park in the allocated employee parking spaces . Lack of use of the designated spaces is egregious . We suggest a carefully coordinated  ticket blitz to encourage compliance .
3) Instead of increasing fees for parking meter rates , increase meter hours so that restaurant patrons can relieve some of the burden from merchants .
4)  The Valet parking seems to cause more  trouble than its worth unless the cars are parked clearly offsite ,like Graydon pool lot in the evenings.
5) For their part the Ridgewood blog would suggest merchants pick some night during the week to stay open late so someone who actually has a competitive job could consider shopping in the central business district . We are convinced that the only stores that can thrive and survive in the current climate are those that make them selves destination retailers.
6) Finally access to the central business district which no one is talking about is a far bigger issue than parking . The traffic easing project under the train trestle has vitally cut off the West side of town from the East side. Not to mention the danger imposed by slowing response time for emergency vehicles .
The garage on Hudson will create major traffic congestion , while Linwood Ave and Ridgewood Ave remain the only viable way to get in and out of town. Approaches from the west side ,Godwin and West Ridgewood Ave are now all most impassable , however  the approach from Prospect Street seems very under utilized.
For Westsiders if you add the current issues on Glenwood road , it far faster and easier to go to Midland Park, Wyckoff , Allendale and other towns north to shop than head to down town Ridgewood.
The Ridgewood blogs observations have concluded that not only is their not enough parking during peak hours ,but changes in vehicular traffic are literal choking off commerce to the Central Business District .

16 thoughts on “Ridgewood Parking :The fact is everyone is going to have to give something

  1. It’s dangerous enough in that lot . The island is necessary. I would never go to Farmer’s Market on Sunday if I couldn’t walk on that island. Would parents with kids in strollers? Nor would I ever venture into the lot from the train. I would walk to entrance on either side. I would never even park there.

    Ramsay Farmer’s Market, here I come. There are fewer and fewer farms in NJ , because ” concrete developments are necessary.” But, hey, we don’t need to produce food in NJ. We can always rely on imports. So let’s get going with removing all green areas for concrete developments. There is always a good reason for each replacement of green acres for concrete.

  2. Green Oval Supporters Unite! Fight the Horseless Carriage!

  3. 11:16 Ramsey Farmers Market here I come. LOL Enjoy the trip.
    Not a spot of grass in that market and crossing the street by the train tracks is dangerous.

  4. James, their, there and they’re. Learn it

  5. Why on earth would we pave more????? The Hudson lot is perfect for a garage. Build it.

  6. Thought mayor said make the island smaller not to remove it.

  7. Agree with 3:36. My husband takes the train from HHK and this does nothing to address restaurants and stores losing business because people can’t park. We avoid CBD at all costs.

  8. Yea ok 7:50 better go over the video of the council meeting

  9. 757 moving cars to the train station lot and freeing up spaces for shops and restaurants makes sense. Helps the shops and makes for an easier train commute. #thrilled2bitz

  10. 8:14pm I posted at 7:50 and I just listened to the meeting on YouTube. You should do the same to hear Walsh comment about removing the island and Knudsen immediately explains it’s not necessary. The mayor says it’s wide enough to have a wide green and walkway. Pay attention 814pm and get the facts straight because this is serious business and no one should tolerate you stupid fake news.

  11. She didn’t say remove the island. Why is it so important to keep posting misinformation? What’s the real agenda? I’m happy the council is thinking and hard working.

  12. I’ll watch the video on us team or youtube?

  13. Farmer’s market at Ridgewood train station has greatly outgrown parking, which was not set up for a lot of people coming and going the way they do there. The traffic tie-ups and wait are often downright dangerous, with angry people honking because they can’t move. Used to be able to take the train into the city any time all weekend with no parking problem and now Sundays are no longer possible during farmer’s market season. It’s a nightmare and that market should be moved to Van Neste or canceled. I go to the one in Ramsey, summer and winter. Closed only in April and May. Inside a school in winter, with fewer vendors, but enough. It’s fabulous. For the outdoor one, park in the big train station parking lot where the market is located and you will not have to cross the main street with train tracks on it. Lots of great places for brunch also. Try Giovanna’s Cafe and the amazing L’Arte della Pasticceria, which has mostly authentic Italian bakery items with a few things like panini, soup, and quiche. Ridgewood CBD has had it.

  14. or just build the damn garage. The church and Knights make it imperative to build a garage there because of all the cars they bring into town. It is a great problem to have but we need to build a garage to cover the 50+ cars for Knights parties and 50+ cars for Saturday night services at Mt. Carmel. Just build the garage already, the church needs it and the Village needs it.

  15. The perfect spot for a garage is at the train station lot. Plenty of space.

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