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Ridgewood PBA Honors 6 retiring Village Police Officers


November 18,2015

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ ,Join the Ridgewood PBA Local 20 on Monday December 7th 2015 as we honor six officers retiring from the Ridgewood Police Department with a dinner and Comedy show at Seasons Restaurant in Washington Township.

13 thoughts on “Ridgewood PBA Honors 6 retiring Village Police Officers

  1. These men have served us well. We will miss them.

  2. Ridgewood cops party out of town again? What is the problem with these guys.

  3. Hey Dom did ever hear the old. saying ” You never shit where you eat”

  4. Well Dom let me explain it so even you can understand. When you have this many officers retiring you can expect 300 to 4 hundred people to attend. What restaurant in Ridgewood has the capacity for all those people ? Let me ask you something. When you retired may years ago where did you have your party ? Lastly maybe they feel more at ease oust side of the critical eye of some resident who just want to complain about police,fire and teachers and then post on this blog.So why don’t you back of Dom and have another glass wine and find something else to complain.

  5. Greek to me could may be hold all those people if they get rid of the outside planters.

  6. Will they all be getting part time jobs with the town?

  7. Why not 9:35?

  8. Be great if they would volunteer their time to the Village in retirement

  9. I’m sure the Nepotism Committee has 6 new candidates finishing up their classes at the Academy…

  10. No no yours wrong 12:08 the committee has been replaced with a new one. FRIENDS OF ROBERTA EMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE . They recommend changes in the ordinances after her friends are hires.

  11. Im sure that you would do the same thing when you retire 8:10 . Go back to the company you worked for and volunteer your time. That is if you ever had a job.

  12. Hey 5:36, private sector workers don’t get to retire in their early 50s with an $80K accumulated leave payout on retirement, a $100K+ annual pension which will payout more than they made in their service career, and Platinum health benefit coverage to age 65. In effect, these men still are being paid by Village taxpayers for 20-30 years after retirement – why wouldn’t they freely volunteer their time to the Village? These guys will all get 65% of their final comp for pension calculation because they were grandfathered in in the 2011 pension changes (only 60% for retirees from 2017), and none of them have paid any of the higher contribution amounts for their health benefits under the Chapter 78 PL 11 pension reforms of 2010 because the VM at the time re-opened the CBAs in 2010 and they haven’t signed a new CBA yet.

  13. they will not be collecting for the next 20/30 years you know why?
    because the residents of NJ are sick and tired of this scam. complete bullshit that we should pander to this kind of theft. its time to stop this nonsense. bankrupt the pension system and be done with it. NO MORE

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