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Ridgewood Places 11th in List of top 10 Snobbiest Places in New Jersey ?

memendez at ridgewood train station
photo by Boyd Loving
Hoboken and Edgewater beat us out , I think we should ask for a recount ?
Ridgewood Resident have prided themselves on Snobbery?
Ridgewood 11

Glen Rock 14

These Are The 10 Snobbiest Places In New Jersey

We analyzed over 200 places in Jersey to identify the ones that probably think they’re better than you.

When it comes to being a snob, you’ve got all types. You’ve got your wine snobs, beer snobs, and food snobs. There are book snobs, movie snobs, and theatre (yes, with an re) snobs. These days, you’ve probably even got snob snobs—people who think their type of snob is better than yours.

And of all the places in the U.S., you may not find a higher concentration of all of the above than in the Northeast—New Jersey in particular.

Yes, that’s right; Jersey isn’t all fist pumps, fugazis, and poufs. In fact, in these 10 places, it’s downright snooty:

Glen Ridge

Don’t get up on your high horse (unless you live in one of these 10 places, in which case, you pretty much live up there)—we didn’t just pull these 10 places out of our… hats. We relied strictly on the numbers to come up with this list. More on said numbers, in the next section.

6 thoughts on “Ridgewood Places 11th in List of top 10 Snobbiest Places in New Jersey ?

  1. Does anyone really care?

  2. I know the snobs don’t care.

  3. It’s my guess that the people who vote on this snob index, base their level of snobiness of simply seeing higher concentrations of people who have nicer stuff than they have.

  4. if you are the “11th” then you officially do not make the “snob cut”
    … even numbers 6-10 (or is it 4-10 or even 2-10?) are questionable

  5. Yes that’s what it’s all about right?
    I have nicer stuff than you…. How shallow and pathetic this town is
    When your come tight down to it…what an incredibly sad state of affairs
    It’s no wonder people are exiting in droves…

  6. Proud to say my stuff is the crummiest.

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