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Ridgewood Police Arrest three adults and one juvenile on Orchard School property

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August 19,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood police report that on 08/09/16 ,Sgt. Finch arrested John A. Dougherty the 4th, age 18 of Ridgewood, N.J., Colin H. Parr, age 19 of Ridgewood, N.J., Kihyun Lee, age 18 of Ridgewood, N.J., and a male juvenile .

Sgt. Finch located the above persons on Orchard School property during the evening hours. The three adults and one juvenile were found to be in possession of C.D.S. and Drug Paraphernalia. All were transported to police headquarters for processing. The juvenile was released to the custody of parent with a pending juvenile complaint. The three adults were processed, served with complaint summonses, advised of the pending court date and released.

20 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police Arrest three adults and one juvenile on Orchard School property

  1. I know that they are adults, but you did not need to publish their names.

  2. Making RHS Class of 2016 proud!

  3. @10:53 why shouldn’t their names be published if they are adults?

  4. And their names should not have been published because?

  5. simmer down folks

  6. Because they are young people who will have enough problems without this. is your life better knowing the names? Are their lives better.

    Do you feel safer knowing their names? It is really about being nosey.

    I don’t know what the police do all week, are these the only people that they arrested? Are there others whose names we were not told? How do they decide the names to give to the press.

    In two years it will be legal anyway.

  7. Because of sarcastic remarks from people like 12:24. So smug.

  8. Back to blaming the police again 5:24. If they didn’t commit the crime their names would not be in the paper. I bet your one of the people that blame Bush for everything.

  9. More important. Have they caught anyone for the hit and run last night on Stanley Place? Driver went up a curb and hit a car in the driveway. And then drove away.

  10. Coddling a 19 year old – please. This was incredibly poor decision making. If they haven’t learned by the time they reach the age of majority, maybe real world experience will yank the Ridgewood spoon out of spoons from their mouths.

  11. 7:34 so you’re going to be snotty about the cops for who they did not catch instead of thanking them for who they did catch.

  12. 7:31. That sounds like a comment that you probably make often.

    There is no “blame”. Just don’t think that they should have used their names. Pot will be legal soon and this will seem silly.

    Have there been any other crimes in town in the last month?

  13. A classic case of “think of the potential consequences before you act.”

  14. This is not “snotty” ( who uses that word?) or blaming. Just don’t think that they needed to use names.

    Did you need to know the names or did you just want to know the names for your own curiosity? Maybe the person with the “snotty” comment is just nosey.

  15. 9:23 “possession of C.D.S. and Drug Paraphernalia.” Where does it say ” POT” Unless you are the person that was arrested or their parent. Read below so you can educate yourself on what the term CDS means

    The DEA and its state affiliates (Department of Consumer Affairs, Drug Control Unit in NJ) categorize CDS materials into or ‘schedule’ categories based on the likelihood of diversion, mostly due to abuse and addiction prevalence. Materials fall into one of five schedules, from highest control to least;
    Schedule I No accepted medical use, high potential for abuse
    (e.g., heroin, methamphetamine)
    Schedule II High potential for abuse, severe psychological or physical dependence
    (e.g., cocaine, oxycodone)
    Schedule III Potential for abuse less than Schedule I & II
    (e.g., ketamine, and anabolic steroids)
    Schedule IV Low potential for abuse relative to Schedule III
    (e.g., midazolam, diazepam)
    Schedule V

  16. So 9:23 you should read below. If the news agency asked the police for this information the the police must provide it. So you may not like it but it is the law and the news agency know it.

    N.J.S.A. 47:1A-3(b) provides that the following information (not records) concerning a criminal investigation shall be available to the public within 24 hours or as soon as practicable, of a request for such information:

    1. where a crime has been reported but no arrest yet made, information as to the type of crime, time, location and type of weapon, if any;

    2. if an arrest has been made, information as to the name, address and age of any victims. Exceptions to this are:

    (a) when there has not been sufficient opportunity for notification of next of kin of any victims of injury and/or death to any such victim; or

    (b) where the release of the names of any victim would be contrary to existing law or court rule.

    In deciding on the release of information as to the identity of a victim, the safety of the victim and the victim’s family, and the integrity of any ongoing investigation, shall be considered;

    3. if an arrest has been made, information as to the defendant’s name, age, residence, occupation, marital status and similar background information and, the identity of the complaining party unless the release of such information is contrary to existing law or court rule;

  17. Isn’t pot already legal in NJ? Go after the meth and heroin, who cares about pot.

  18. If you don’t commit a crime you won’t be charged and your nam won’t b in the paper

  19. “Isn’t pot already legal in NJ? ” WOW !

  20. Whether or you think Pot its dangerous, or want it to be legal, the fact is that its currently illegal. Smoking it makes you a criminal. Smoking it on school grounds, in public, makes you a really dumb criminal. If these kids are starting their adult lives by thumbing their noses at the law, the least of their problems is getting their names in the paper. Fly straight!

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