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Ridgewood Police ,Fire and EMS all Respond Driveway Crash

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photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police, Ridgewood Fire, and Ridgewood EMS rushed to aid the adult female driver of a Mercedes sedan who crashed her vehicle while pulling into her own driveway on Thursday afternoon, 08/08. A flatbed tow truck was called to remove the passenger car from its resting place. Fire Department personnel reported no structural damage occurred to the house. A medical episode may have immediately preceded the crash.

11 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police ,Fire and EMS all Respond Driveway Crash

  1. That’s a lot of taxpayer dollars for a minor accident! Over policed perhaps if this is why we spend so much on public safety? Could we also have a volunteer fire department with EMD instead?

  2. Don’t these guys have better things to do, like pull extra duty work in their dark tinted, late model Chevy Tahoes? They could be texting underage girls like Guido Pete for all we know!

  3. @taxedtodeath. Your kids in school create that tax burden . Want to save money how about increasing class sizes. The fire dept is a minimal expense for the excellent response time and professionals. I’ve lived here since 1969 and it’s the best value in my tax bill, unlike the bloated school budget.

  4. It’s the management of incidents like this that shine a light on why cops in the NYPD want to get out and work in the wealthy suburbs and effectively double or triple their salaries. No more dealing with violent and mentally deranged people, but dealing with things like private driveway fender benders.

  5. Hey Taxed to Death, are you a volunteer firefighter? If not Stop by the firehouse and pick up an application. Put up or shut up.

  6. Although the accident appears frivolous to some commenters, it could have been extremely bad.

    What if a child had been struck while playing in the yard? What if the driver needed immediate assistance for a heart attack or stroke? Etc etc

    The job of emergency personnel is to respond to problematic situations, never knowing exactly what they will find on the scene.

  7. I was at valley hospital yesterday when the driver arrived with EMS & police officers . I looked to see what the outcome was bc our discharge came 4 hours after driver was brought in. Many police officers kept coming and going ,at all times 1 standing “guard” over driver from the moment driver was brought in & 4.5 hrs later when we left. Overheard officers being educated on bac level changes over certain periods of time by medical staff , I’d be shocked if I don’t see this article updated to an arrest considering how many and how long officers where guarding driver

  8. @I was in the ER as well the police EMS where amazing treated driver with respect and patience even when driver got angry when spoken to saying “it’s my house I hit what is the big deal ? What are you trying to get from me ?” The officer was far more patient then I think I would’ve been bc as he responded “I’m trying to help you jog your memory bc your asking me again where these black & black marks came from ” he was very professional the entire I was there , regardless of why “accident ” occurred I can’t understand how anyone would question anything EMS / police responses especially volunteer professionals , I have to assume that the person who stated “waste of tax payer funds ” must have a crystal ball or knows he or she will never need the services of these professionals … crazy to judge anything like this … personally I’d like to thank all these and other professionals for all they do for myself my elderly parents and all the people in between it takes a very special kinda person to do what you do I know I couldn’t !

  9. Again this question will come up. Can anyone answer me why do police vehicles have tinted windows upfront. They never did before. They were always against tinted windows. Why are they are vehicles allowed to be tented windows. Is this for safety reasons I’m not sure just curious thank you.

  10. Just wondering why don’t you go to the PD and ask them ?

  11. We need medical Alcohol now.

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