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Ridgewood Police : Ice & Snow – Remove It Before You Go

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police off the following reminder , “Remember to remove all ice and snow from your vehicle before driving, especially from the hood, windows and roof. It’s the law in New Jersey! Motorists who fail to do so face fines of $25 to $75 for each offense, regardless of whether the ice and snow is dislodged from the vehicle. If flying ice or snow causes property damage or injury to others, motorists face fines of $200 to $1,000 for each offense. There are approximately 500 fatalities in the United States per year due to icy road conditions”

11 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police : Ice & Snow – Remove It Before You Go

  1. Classic picture….good find James.

  2. Why doesn’t the town worry about cleaning up the streets before they cast stones on residents. But tks for the reminder

  3. It’s a NJ Sate Law , not a Ridgewood Law !!

  4. And it can kill – I will not drive behind anyone who has ice/snow on top of the car. There is NO reason they cannot remove it!

  5. One thing I don’t miss these days; commuting on the NJ Turnpike, some bozo hasn’t cleaned their car off, and getting hit with massive chunks of frozen snow on my windshield at 65 mph.

  6. That must be 31″ storm from Jan 1996…

  7. I walked in the CBD today. The sidewalks in front of the old agnello garage and the town owned lot on franklin and walnut were not cleared. Do as i say, not as i do

  8. People are lazy.

  9. Who cares it’s snow, it will melt, go back and clean up my leaves now that are in the road. It’s going to be warm on Monday.
    Thanks !!!!

  10. Very true

  11. It’s going to be 40 on Monday go back to clean up the leaves now.

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