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Ridgewood Police Patrol Officer Rescues Stranded Pouch

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police Patrol Officer Michael Karcher was dispatched to assist in the rescue of a canine who’d gotten stuck between two (2) parallel fences in the rear of Ridgewood High School on Monday afternoon, 4/27. A bystander kept the pooch occupied with dog treats while Officer Karcher located its owner. The owner and uninjured Labrador were successfully reunited without injury to either. Reportedly, the dog had gotten tired of Governor Murphy’s “stay at home” order and crawled through a hole in one of the fences.


3 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police Patrol Officer Rescues Stranded Pouch

  1. Call in the fire department to cut the fence.

  2. Oh the poor pouch

  3. Send the zoning enforcement officer.
    The fences are larger than allowed under the village code.
    If it was permitted, I’d gladly put up a big fence like that so I don’t have to look at my new neighbors whose first act upon moving in was to cut down every fucking bush on their border.

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