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Ridgewood School Home School Day 14 ,Due to COVID 19

kids locked in a trunk

April 2, 2020

Dear Ridgewood School Community,

During times of adversity and stress, I find myself thinking of others who are going through the same experience, but in this case, I am particularly aware of those who are on the front line in a much riskier position than myself. I think of the medical community who took an oath to treat any patient who needs care, even when that care puts them in harm’s way.

This reminds me of years ago when my wife, Sue, started her medical career as a resident/intern right when the HIV/AIDS epidemic was at its peak in NYC. There was not much known about it, except that it was deadly and not very treatable at that time.  Now, I have a son in his medical residency/internship facing another life-threatening disease. I am not a medical person and make no comparisons between COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS. But I do think of the analogy our leaders are using that we are at war with this virus. Every day, medical professionals, our family, friends, and neighbors, must face their own fears and treat those who have fallen victim to this horrific virus. Today, on Thankful Thursday, I am grateful for the bravery and compassion of each and every one of them. We thank you and hope your knowledge and care keeps you safe.

We must also recognize the other people working on our behalf to keep this very fragile society moving forward. It may not appear that we are moving forward, but we are. Some that come to mind are:

First responders
Mail Service Providers
Delivery Service Providers
Grocery Workers
Food Service Providers
Factory Workers

This week is Elementary School Spirit Week! For me, I have celebrated our Elementary School Spirit Week as follows:

Maroon Monday: Ridgewood gear! As Superintendent of the Ridgewood Public Schools, I have plenty. Back in the good old days when my wife, Sue (she asked me not to only refer to her as my wife…. done) and I cleaned out some closets, we found 17 Ridgewood sweatshirts, dozens of t-shirts, and much more. We did not donate any. My kids participated in sports at RHS, so we had plenty of gear to go around.
Team up Tuesday: I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. Ok, stop rolling your eyes and muttering under your breath. For all of you Giants fans, Jason Garret is your problem now.
Exercise Clothes Day: If you haven’t gotten the hint, I workout daily. I am an early riser and start my day with exercise. There is a lot of research out there about exercise and brain chemistry. For me, it is therapy…. I probably could use the old fashioned kind of therapy, but this has worked for me for decades. I am old school…cotton t-shirt (probably says Ridgewood on it or OBX or one of the colleges my kids have gone to or go to) and running shorts. Shoes – NIKE! Swoosh!
Thankful Thursday – See above


While we can’t get out and host a traditional fundraiser, some RHS students have come up with an idea that can be done remotely. They are selling friendship bracelets to raise money to be donated to Valley Hospital to help with COVID-19 relief. This will all be done online. Please see the link below.

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood School Home School Day 14 ,Due to COVID 19

  1. Bored Children should never play or
    Be photographed in car trunks.

    Danger to younger children playing Hide & Seek around Cars or Garages
    are a real danger.Kids can freeze in locked Trunks or Suvs /Vans in below
    Seat and rear storage areas.

  2. YEAH!!!
    And they should be waering MASKS and GLOVES.
    Call DYFS !

  3. lol i think you locked your sense of humor in the trunk

  4. I was part of a team of neighbors and
    Police who found a trapped child in a
    Large Van ..we were lucky was hide and seek incident

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