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Ridgewood Train Station Has Become a Haven For Homeless

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ , a homeless guy has moved in along taxi station and train tracks at the Ridgewood train Station . In recent years the Ridgewood train station has become a haven for homeless urinating and defecating all over the place.

17 thoughts on “Ridgewood Train Station Has Become a Haven For Homeless

  1. He’s just waiting on the garage to be completed so he can move into his permanent residence.

  2. just wait til the garage opens..

  3. The pandemic has forced all churches to close & lock their doors 24/7, the Van Neste Square bus terminal building is now shut & locked 24/7, post office lobby open only M-Sat 6AM – 6PM, Starbucks on the Avenue operating with restricted hours, and the laundromat at Kings Plaza being watched closely via CCTV. This has forced the homeless onto the streets and into construction sites. Police are busy moving them along.

  4. So where do you want them to go?

  5. your living room

  6. NJ Transit cops make $200,000 annually. Maybe they can address this issue, I don’t know what else they are doing lately.

  7. They are going to deficate in parks
    And any alleys behind stores etc

    They have no place to go literally
    and this will only get worse and more
    Dangerous for our families

    Police likely are in their 120 k VOR SUVS With shady windows down
    and who can blame them TB OR Covid means drive by warning on the squawk box and the get the hell away
    From any covid risks.

    They should post units at RWOOD train and send them packing to the lower wards


    Its every town for themselves

    Ps vor library rear seating area is another hiding area ( next to police station

  8. I can’t wait for the GINORMOUS GARAGE to be built so all crime, homlessness and CBD woes can be cured!

  9. So close to Social Services Train Station Office .

    Some cities on West coast are housing homeless in covid impacted B level
    Empty Hotels to fight Covid spread

  10. Prisons have been releasing a lot of non-violent inmates. I’m sure this is a contributing factor.
    Anyway, Ridgewood is a liberal town, so they are welcome, as long as they don’t try setting up home in the Heights or similar cocktail party neighborhoods.

  11. Maybe the police department can pick them up and bring them up on 17 to motel. They have enough money in the budget.

  12. Breathe in a bag. Hundreds of dogs urinate and defecate all over this village and hundreds of kids urinate and defecate in Graydon Pool. You’re worried about the 3 homeless people in our town?
    And somebody build the GINORMOUS GARAGE already…so the pansy will shut up. We have a wussy problem in this town.

  13. Thank God we’re all Hiding in our houses and are SAFE.
    I’m a #HomeHERO

  14. “…as long as they don’t try setting up home in the Heights or similar cocktail party neighborhoods.”

    Wrong. If we see them on the WEST side of the tracks then it’s open season! At that point, ‘Wood Police need to do their jobs and get this under control. Send them packing to Paterson or other places. Not in my backyard!

  15. Paterson?
    Is it nice there?
    How are the taxes?

  16. Omg. Imagine for just a few seconds how that unfortunate homeless person must feel, having to sleep on the ground with nothing and no one, probably very hungry and cold.
    Not one of us is exempt from falling on hard times. It could happen to you.
    Oh yes, it could.
    Dementia, being in the wrong place at the wrong time and wrongly convicted, economic failure, an enemy determined to bring you down, job loss, divorce, addiction, etc., etc., are all possible roads to homelessness.
    Homeless people are not trash or debris on the ground.
    How you treat or talk about the homeless says more about you than it does about them.
    Have a heart.

  17. Excellent post MG

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