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Ridgewood Village Council Candidate Melenie Hooban Attacked Over Being a Single Mom

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Ridgewood NJ,  just as Village Council candidate Melenie Hooban loses her job under mysterious circumstances ,Paul  Vangios supporters launch an attack on her for being an “unemployed single mom “.

Some comments claimed she will be on food stamps and it makes the town look bad .

After one commenter , “Not sure I want an unemployed single mother on council.”

Another commenter said ,”“Not sure I want an unemployed single mother on council.”

But you were OK with two Council members who were having sex with each other while married to others? Wake up, shit happens in Ridgewood, big time!

And another commenter summed it up ,”Unbelievable to hear someone doesn’t want an unemployed single mother on the council. sickening sexist

Sedon was an unemployed single father recently got a job from the dems
Hache was an unemployed single father when he was elected I’m sure
Haick and Aronsohn we’re sleeping together while on council and married to other people

I’ll vote Hooban”

10 thoughts on “Ridgewood Village Council Candidate Melenie Hooban Attacked Over Being a Single Mom

  1. I think you forgot the unemployed part.

  2. Got a postcard in the mail yesterday from Jolt.

    Is M Sedon running for NJ State Assembly (40th district)…?

  3. I’m voting Hooban

  4. All in on Hooban. Pushback on the radical left bully by voting for a strong, bright single mom.

  5. Yes. Sedon is running for State Senate.

  6. Quick question for those people who refuse to stop being blind and rude.
    How many current council member are employed?
    How many on the last council or the one before that.
    How many were employed when they ran and how many were unemployed because of it.
    How many got paying jobs because they ran?
    The unemployed comment is so beyond absurd.
    And how many of your close friends and neighbors would you say that in front of if you’re name was exposed.

  7. I think Bernie Walsh has been the only one with a job for years.

  8. 1000000% support for Melanie.

  9. Melanie will be the best thing to ever happen to Ridgewood. She is not a bullshitter. She is not a lap dog. She is not a wheeler dealer. She is just what we need.

  10. And guess what?
    The controlling block elected a creep in a pink suit
    to your village council to further his business interests in town.
    And what did you do?
    You drove Finster to his violin lessons in your massive suburban while daddy hungover packed himself into a shiny metal box to go to Wall Street to meet with his so called superiors for his daily humiliating kick in the crotch.
    Why you say?
    And that’s EXACTLY how it’s been for decades.
    YOUR RICH AND STUPID and they know it.

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