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Attention: Ridgewood Water Customers in the Village of Ridgewood

March 16,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Water is proposing ,Stage II restrictions (2 days a week irrigation) were imposed in June 2016 and are still in effect in Glen Rock, Midland Park, Ridgewood and Wyckoff. Without these restrictions, the use of drinking water for irrigation will continue increasing toward levels that are unsustainable regardless of drought conditions.  To reverse this trend, an ordinance was introduced on March 8, 2017 to amend the provisions governing Water Emergencies in the Village of Ridgewood Code. Changes proposed include:

Making 2 days a week irrigation permanent year round,

Restricting irrigation hours to limit losses to evaporation,

Restricting irrigation using private wells to 2 days a week,

Adding new exemptions, including drip irrigation and smart controllers.

This ordinance applies only to Ridgewood, but it is expected that the Boroughs of Glen Rock and Midland Park, and the Township of Wyckoff will follow suit as they have in the past. Below is the proposed ordinance. Questions can be directed to Ridgewood Water at 201-670-5521 or

CLICK HERE for proposed ordinance.


  1. “Restricting irrigation using private wells to 2 days a week,” Ridgewood Water doesn’t own the aquifers. Only the state can restrict private use of wells. Who is going to enforce the law in other towns? This is really out of hand. Time to seal.

  2. § 269-50 Enforcement.
    The enforcement of the provisions of this article shall be the responsibility of the Director of Water
    Supply, its Business Manager, Superintendent of Water, Assistant Superintendent of Water, Supervisor of
    Water Distribution, Senior Engineer, Village Engineer, Property Management Officer, any duly sworn
    member of the Village of Ridgewood Police Department, and any other officer and/or Village employee
    duly appointed by the Village Manager.

    What about Glen Rock, Midland Park, and Wyckoff? Mayor and Council do you see a problem with just enforcement for Rdgewood and not the other towns.? No I didn’t think so. Remember Mayor and Deputy Mayor you terms are up next year.

  3. If the other towns do not follow the same restrictions as the village then the council has to over turn it.

  4. I would say F U to whoever comes with these ideas. And it will only get worse. By next year some idiot will come up with the idea of restricting tap water to only a few hours per day and mostly in the night hours when people are asleep. We need a permanent solution not patches such as water restrictions. This is heavily affecting people’s quality of life.

  5. Next year Ridgewood Water will come in front of the Council and ask for a rate increases and the reason they will give is that they didn’t sell enough water because of the restrictions. Its has happen before. Well the end in near for Ridgewood Water if they lose the lawsuit and the Ridgewood taxpayers are stuck with the bill. Knowing this council they will just bond the money to pay for the law suit and we the taxpayers will be stuck with the bill for 30 years plus interest. Sell it now and free us of this albatross around our neck.

  6. Your right Jim. Maybe they will implement and new rule that you can only shower on Tuesday and Saturdays. The new code enforcement officer will make spot inspection to see if we comply . Give the old sniff test. If you smell to clean you will get a ticket. Welcome to Ridgewood.

  7. Jim these new restriction will also be in effect for those Ridgewood residents using Graydon Pool. You can only swim on you designated watering day and between the ours 3-7 a.m and by the way Glen Rock, Midland Park and Wyckoff can use the pool anytime they want.

  8. You cant have this both ways. If you want to have a say in the regulations Ridgewood has to own the water company. If it is a private owner there will be more restrictions and they wont care at all.

    As for “quality of life” is watering your lawn really quality of life? Water twice a week and stop the griping about every little thing.

    1. Ridgewood like most of New Jersey is more and more sounding and acting like a 3rd world country

  9. 2:50 “Want a say in the Regulation”. We have no say. If Ridgewood residents had a say the other towns would also have the restriction enforced Sell it to a private owner. Just look at the towns that are not serviced by Ridgewood Water very few restriction if any through the years. Speaking of quality of life Well as my yard look like shit the yards of other towns on the same systems look great. Its called SELECTIVE INFORCEMENT.

  10. Do I need a permit for a rain barrels?

  11. “Unsustainable regardless of drought conditions”?
    During the proposed presentation, it was stated the Ridgewood water system back in 1978 had 61 working wells, but today only has 34 working wells. The wells not in working service, shut down, had become contaminated from neighboring properties. Um – clean them up! Or dig new wells! More holding tanks! Buy more water from Suez. How will RW supply 4 or 5 new apartment projects? More strain on the system!

  12. Sell it to a company that specializes in water like Suez. Our Village has no business being in the water business, it’s just another black hole of corruption and graft. Anyone who is in favor of keeping Ridgewood water is probably on the take.

  13. Council meeting March 1, 2017 live stream

    at the 39:00 mark, 39:14 “several wells down due to contamination issues, historic data back in 1978, there were 61 wells in operation, today 34 wells. Good majority of those that are out, are due to contaminates, not caused by us, but over the years, may be caused by adjacent properties or over pumping the acquifier over the years.”

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