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Ridgewood Water Customers Report “Brown Water” on Christmas Day

Ridgewood Elks

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, it appears Ridgewood Waters website crashed on Christmas Day after being deluged with calls and emails from many residents complaining of brown water . The utility has already had a difficult month , on December 16th a water main break on North Irving Street in Ridgewood had the street closed  from Franklin Avenue to Overbrook Road , taking the majority of the day to address the issue.

This all comes on the heels  of the ribbon cutting event for their new headquarters at the former Elks lodge located next to Village Hall at 111 North Maple Avenue on that very same day .

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8 thoughts on “Ridgewood Water Customers Report “Brown Water” on Christmas Day

  1. How about removing the poisons from the water.

  2. Sell the water co.

  3. The utility website, like that of the village, is kind of like third-world level. Just awful and worse, SLOW.

    I’ve been saying for decades that the Village has no reason or purpose in owning, maintaining and continually updating a water utility. Sell it and get out of the water business. Then, PRIVATIZE every village function possible. Nothing else makes sense, at all. One Example: – it will be way cheaper to have trash and recycling contracted out.

  4. Yes start with the d p w. That crew is so immature .

  5. The water taste shity. What happened.

  6. Years ago the water was amazing you couldn’t stop drinking it. Now the taste is nowhere near what are used to be. Maybe because they have to put certain chemicals into the water by law I don’t know. Everyone I know is filtering it boiling it or buying water. And talk about buying water, the village in the past had water deliveries. And what happened to all the water fountains throughout the village. I know some of them were shut down before Covid. Why, very interesting isn’t it. Maybe that’s why my throat was burning after drinking it for a couple of days what the hell was in it.

  7. What makes me laugh is how can someone put thumbs down regarding the taste of the water. You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve been drinking hot water for 30 years and it was amazing the taste. As of today the water is terrible compared to back then. If any individuals don’t think so they must be drinking toilet bowl water. Or they lost their taste buds. With the millions of dollars they have spent in the past five years the water doesn’t taste better. Come on

  8. That’s either because someone has no taste buds, or it’s coming from someone in management That is an ass kisser. And I’m sure they have plenty of them. Every place of business has one ,ass and ass kisser. When I see that I just laugh. I just laugh and smile. Someday they will learn.

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