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Ridgewood’s tentative $91 million school budget contains tax hike


Ridgewood’s tentative $91 million school budget contains tax hike
Thursday March 7, 2013, 1:48 PM
The Ridgewood News

The school district’s preliminary $91 million general fund budget for the next school year, which was unanimously approved Monday for submission to the executive county superintendent, would require a roughly 2 percent tax increase over last year’s spending plan.

The averaged assessed Ridgewood home, priced at about $690,000, would pay about $203 more in taxes if the tentative budget is approved by voters in April. The major cost driver for this year’s budget, according to Board of Education (BOE) members speaking at Wednesday night’s meeting, is an increase in the cost of special education needs.

10 thoughts on “Ridgewood’s tentative $91 million school budget contains tax hike

  1. ” Its for the kids”

  2. Any special projects in the reserve funds?

  3. This is what will bankrupt the town. It is not the village taxes. We will never have any savings by making tiger team changes to the vilage budget. Changing trash pick-up to curbside or having us drag recycling to the center will never save any real money.

  4. Speaking of the BoE, did anyone read Bob Hutton’s screed against same sex marriage in yesterday’s Bergen Record…?

    He’s a skunk.

  5. #3 calls it right, but the school system is the holy grai of the village and educations and social security are the third rail of politics at any level.Thats 1 strike against the taxpayer. I think that explains why the mayor comissioned the tiger team to audit the village budget when the school is 90 million dollars. This goes all the way back to before his re election to the meeting at the ridgewood country club. Perhaps thes people donated to his campaign on the condition that he would put this team together and do this study?

  6. What meeting at the Ridgewood Country Club. That’s interesting. I like to hear more about that.

  7. People who see themselves as “power brokers”. They operate behind the scenes because no one would ever vote for them.

    Back to the tony the tiger team. How did the mayor select the members, or did the members select the,selves?

    1. Alot of posts on this blog ask the same question myself included. Unfortunatly no one has provided an answer.

  8. You right # 7 . Mayor Paul Aronsohn is the puppet and they are the puppet masters. Wave donations or support in front our Mayor and he will do the dance.

  9. #9 thats funnny I never heard it put that way before:0)

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