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December 6,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,On Saturday a group called distributed a flyer alerting neighbors on Sherman and Washington of the December 7th Council Work Session which will discuss Sherman Place and Washington Place. Flyers were given to many of the Godwin and Wilsey Square businesses as well since changes to nearby streets may impact their customers.

Pomander Walk, a quiet dead end street next to out stores, was granted NO PARKING under our old village council? Am I mistaken or does our town need parking? Please review attached flyer and come to the meeting Wed. night at 7:30 at town hall to let your current council know this decision must be reversed. If not reversed, maybe we should all push council for private roads?



What: Village council discussion of parking and traffic following Pomander Walk Parking Ban

Where: Village Hall

When: December 7th at 7:30pm

Background: For years residents of Pomander Walk have sought to ban parking on their dead end street citing business parking and safety concerns. Residents of surrounding streets were not informed of the request until days before the village council passed Ordinance 3556 in 2016 banning parking on Pomander Walk with no impact analysis. Despite promises from Pomander residents that they did not require parking they continue to use the street for their parking needs while other streets suffer gridlock. Residents of Sherman have since seen a severe increase in traffic, parked cars and safety issues. The newly elected council has agreed to consider changes inclusive of a comprehensive safety review all area streets.

Your neighbors from Sherman, Godwin, Garfield, Washington are asking you to voice your opinion at the Wednesday, December 7th town council meeting.

Resident tax payers should be afforded equal access to parking – NO PRIVATE STREET STATUS

All residents living near businesses should share the parking burden

To remain successful, the west side business district needs access to parking for customers. If parking is important for the central business district, it is equally important for the west side and removing parking sets a bad precedent

Removing parking from one street just relocates it to another

Hope to see you at the town hall

Wednesday, December 7th at 7:30pm.

Everyone will have the opportunity

to speak for three minutes.

If you have any questions please email:

For photos and videos visit us at


12 thoughts on “ : All residents living near businesses should share the parking burden

  1. cancel parking on all residential streets near downtown.

    Let the CBD deal with their employees and customers.

    Residents deserve a quality of life.

  2. Parking on local streets during business and school hours should not be an issue for residents to be up in arms about. Time to get over your self importance.

  3. @11:40….there are way too many parking restrictions on our side streets already. The no parking ordinances only shift the burden to others, which is no more fair. Certain streets (say across from Valley) have no parking but two blocks over the street is packed…how is that fair? We should open more streets and have uniform burden sharing throughout the town. If you use the Pommander framework, then from a safety perspective it would be best to have no thru traffic and no parking on every street in town. That isn’t going to happen so who pulled the favors or them to get special treatment and why is the current council (aside from Susan) continue to grant this special treatment?

  4. I thought we all voted and parking isn’t a problem now?

  5. I was kind of offended that Ridgewood’s West side felt it needed its own website . Can not the East Side residents express an opinion on this matter since we also live and shop in the Village?

  6. The Ridgewood West Side name for this website is a bit of a stretch. As far as I can tell, the issues this website talks about concern a very small section of what is effectively one half of Ridgewood. Most people who live here think of the wealthy Heights/Crest area when one mentions West Side.

  7. @ 7:43…really? I disagree completely. “Most people” know that the West Side consists of way more than the Heights/Crest area…

  8. Pomander has really lost its mind. There are no children in that street and they’be managed to make it private. No concern at all for the hundreds of school children in more danger due to their selfishness.
    They sell the homes within the family and they disregard the ordinances they asked for. And because they’re sweet old ladies no one says anything.

  9. I think 7.43’s statement is correct. He/she clearly stated that West Side is half of Ridgewood but there is a historical undertone of the West Side being the wealthy side because of the really high end homes in the Heights area.

  10. agree @12:34. Furthermore, if there were children on that street most likely they would attend Orchard School. Those parents would then drive the children to school and park in front of someone elses home to pick them up as there is essentially 0 parking at that school. How does that make any sense?

  11. I would like the Pomander residents to explain how their SAFETY issue is different and actually less safe compared to the rest of Village residents who actually have high speed, thru traffic on our streets? Aside from the pizza guy, they get nothing. The Council even graciously recommended no parking on one side (which is still a give away in my opinion) and they refused.

  12. The photos on tbe website aren’t impressive. So there’s an empty mini liqor bottle and a burning cigarette. This stuff is everywhere and is not dropped by drivers but mostly by walkers.

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