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Rik Mehta Calls Out Cory Booker’s Gross Hypocrisy on Biden Sexual Assault Allegations

Rik Mehta
Slams Star-Ledger’s Tom Moran for stunning lack of journalistic ethics
 the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood  NJ, Dr. Rik Mehta, GOP frontrunner for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey, released a video today where he called out Senator Cory Booker for his gross hypocrisy on the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden and slammed Star-Ledger Editorial Page editor Tom Moran for what Mehta said was a “stunning lack of journalistic ethics.”

Mehta called Booker’s comments in Moran’s recent editorial, where he now claims that he never said people were obligated to believe all women who allege sexual assault, stunning.
“Frankly, anyone with a modicum of intellectual honesty will admit that Senator Booker’s revisionist history on this issue is a delusional lie,” said Mehta. “It offends me – and it should offend everyone in New Jersey – that a United States Senator like Cory Booker could be so comfortable in his own hypocrisy and dishonesty. Less than two years ago he made a spectacle of himself when he said that Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers were to be believed without reservation, and anyone who questioned their claims hated women. Now, with Senator Biden facing nearly identical, corroborated charges of sexual assault, Senator Booker is changing his story and moving the goalposts. Sorry, Cory, it doesn’t work that way.”
Mehta said equally as objectionable to him was the platform that Tom Moran provided Booker in the Star-Ledger to spin his revisionist tale.
“As a political outsider I didn’t even know who Tom Moran was until I started running for office and reading his columns. It’s amazing that a person so biased and steeped in hatred for one political party could be put in charge of an editorial page for a newspaper that bills itself as New Jersey’s largest news source,” said Dr. Mehta. “I was embarrassed for The Star-Ledger after reading Moran’s interview with Cory Booker on Not only for his fawning over Senator Booker, but for admitting that he will vote for Joe Biden despite believing he is guilty of sexual assault. This is the definition of derangement.”
Mehta said it took a basic Google Search and about five minutes of his time to find repeated evidence debunking Booker’s bogus claims that he didn’t make blanket statements imploring people that they must #BelieveSurvivors and #BelieveWomen. He also pointed to Booker’s demand that Justice Kavanaugh have his nomination withdrawn purely on accusations, without even worrying about an investigation, evidence, or due process. He made it his ‘Spartacus’ moment.
“If I could find this proof within minutes with three little kids running around my house during quarantine, what is Tom Moran’s excuse?” asked Mehta. “As for Senator Booker, he is a fraud of the highest order and an embarrassment to New Jersey. I am going to hold him accountable when I remove him from office this November.”

8 thoughts on “Rik Mehta Calls Out Cory Booker’s Gross Hypocrisy on Biden Sexual Assault Allegations

  1. Democrats= believe all women, UNLESS they accuse a democrat.

  2. Booker plays a lot of cards if you get my drift…

  3. Booker is the great pretender

  4. The Dems like to throw out Al Franken as a case of where they went after one of their own. However, when there’s an actual photo of him caught in the act, that was not even debatable.

    Most Dems know Creep Joe probably did it, but they are so TDS-fixated at this point of getting the WH back and getting the current occupant out, I don’t think even a photo of Joe being caught in the act would make any difference.

  5. Dems had 3.5 years to find a warm body to run against DJT. They failed.

  6. That’s so very true about Booker. He should be very careful and get out of the closet. People no.I personally don’t give a shit which way a person flipped a coin, but don’t be a bullshitter. Stand up and be proud of who you are that’s all.

  7. Booker is such a phoney. His fake morals and standards are sickening. Flip NJ red!

  8. Three dollar bill.

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