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Search for a New Ridgewood Superintendent of Schools Moving Forward


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Ridgewood NJ,  the search for a permanent Ridgewood Superintendent is underway , Board of Education Member Mr. Lembo shared that Ms.Ojetta Townes, District Manager of Human Resources at Ridgewood Public Schools has provided the Board with a list of search firms. The Board discussed the next steps to secure proposals from the search firms and to arrange presentations.  The position of Interim Superintendent was posted last week, and the posting will close on October 16, 2020.



4 thoughts on “Search for a New Ridgewood Superintendent of Schools Moving Forward

  1. Thanks be to GOD

  2. Not to worry.
    I have faith that the BOE will F-Up the search and get a superintendent who is even more aggressive than Feckless Fishbein in pushing a social agenda over pursing real academic excellence.

  3. Why pay money for a search firm.
    Just let Rob & Stacey pick out the new Superintendent.

  4. Get ready to pay big money

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