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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Village Council is looking for residents who are interested in volunteering to serve on the following Boards and Committees: The Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Adjustment, The Library Board of Trustees, The Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Board, The Citizens Safety Advisory Committee, The Central Business District Advisory Committee, the Open Space Committee, The Shade Tree Commission, Green Ridgewood, Ridgewood Green Team, Project Pride Committee, The Ridgewood Community Center Advisory Board, The Ridgewood Arts Council, The Stigma Free Task Force, The Kasschau Memorial Shell Committee, and the Historic Preservation Commission, for a Class C member.

All interested residents should download and fill out a Citizen Volunteer Leadership form, found on the Village website by clicking on the tile “Employment and Volunteer Opportunities”, then clicking, downloading, and filling out the “Citizen Volunteer Leadership Form”. The Citizen Volunteer Leadership form should be sent with a cover letter indicating on which board(s) or committee(s) the resident wishes to serve, and a biography or resume to:

Eileen Young

Deputy Village Clerk

Village of Ridgewood

131 North Maple Ave.

Ridgewood, NJ  07450

Or by email to: with the Subject Line – Volunteer for Board/Committee


Deadline for submissions is December 9, 2022


The Planning Board reviews site plans and subdivision applications; prepares, adopts, and amends the Master Plan; makes recommendations to the Village Council regarding amendments to developmental regulations and the official map.


The Zoning Board of Adjustment hears variance applications and appeals from rulings and determinations arising from the enforcement of Village zoning ordinances.


The Library Board of Trustees is the governing board for the Ridgewood Public Library and its employees. The Board of Trustees works with the community to establish Library policy and secures funds to carry on services to the public, and set goals and objectives.


The Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Board recommends rules for use and monitors recreation facilities. The Board coordinates community recreation programs and develops and updates the long-range Master Plan for recreation in the Village.


The Citizens Safety Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Village Council on issues concerning pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular safety on all roads, parks and open space in Ridgewood and promotes awareness of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular safety in order to improve the safe travel of all people in Ridgewood.


The Central Business District Advisory Committee (CBDAC) works with the Village Council, business owners and residents to evaluate and initiate enhancements to improve the viability of the CBD, including traffic flow and patterns, parking, pedestrian safety and the balance of commercial uses; while maintaining and refining the historic and aesthetic elements to create a more desirable, vibrant and memorable destination for all visitors.


The Open Space Committee assists in identifying specific types of open space, and makes recommendations to the Village Council on the development of existing open space acquisitions.


The Shade Tree Commission works closely with the Parks and Recreation Department, Green Ridgewood, and the Ridgewood Green Team to promote awareness and education of the residents as well as advise and provide recommendations to the Village Council in promoting and sustaining a safe and productive shade tree resource.


Green Ridgewood assists the Village Council in long-range planning concerning environmental issues, as well as anticipating environmental problems and recommending solutions.


The Ridgewood Green Team is a subcommittee of Green Ridgewood and is made up of residents who are interested in making Ridgewood a sustainable community; and/or are LEED Certified; and/or have working experience with sustainable practices such as solar energy or recycling; and/or have experience in obtaining grants for sustainable purposes. The Ridgewood Green Team also works on maintaining Ridgewood’s participation in Sustainable Jersey.


The Project Pride Committee works with the Village Council, Village Management, residents and stakeholders to organize and initiate improvements to foster a visually appealing environment throughout the Village of Ridgewood. Project Pride is responsible for organizing and implementing the Central Business District spring/summer plantings, including budget preparation and request, and recruiting volunteers to help with these plantings. Project Pride also seeks stakeholder input to foster improvements to areas throughout the Village.


The Ridgewood Community Center Advisory Board develops policies and procedures for the operation of the Community Center facility and assists in the fulfillment of the County Municipal Alliance Grant requirements.


The Ridgewood Arts Council assists in the promotion of and encourages artistic and cultural programs and provides for educational opportunities in the areas of art and culture. The Ridgewood Arts Council also provides advice, guidance, and recommendations to the Village Council, as needed.


The Stigma Free Task Force educates residents and raises awareness of mental illness in our community; provides and allows residents with mental illness to become involved in the community, which will decrease their feelings of isolation and shame; and links people to mental health resources, while raising awareness that care is accessible, regardless of income.


The Kasschau Shell Committee seeks out and determines the annual summer programming at the Kasschau Memorial Shell; raises awareness in the community about the performances; and assists in obtaining sponsors to pay for the performances. Also attends as many performances as possible, which are held from late June through early August.


The Historic Preservation Commission – Class C Member – The Historic Preservation Commission identifies, records, and maintains a survey and inventory of all buildings, sites, and landmarks of historical or architectural significance. Oversees the preservation of structures and properties which reflect the heritage of the community. Acts as an advisory board to the Planning Board. A Class C member shall hold no other municipal office, position or employment within the Village of Ridgewood.


  1. Susan’s trying to pack those committees on her way out the door! lol

  2. Wanted: Folks to be punching bags…………….

    They need somebody to blame.

  3. HA HA HA HA HA !
    Your kidding right?
    while paid employees and the mayor and council rape and pillage?
    Yea right….

    1. ha ha ha

      Doing something for your town and community?

      Not unless there’s something in it for ME!

      1. How incredibly gullible.
        It’s people like you that the people who have been running this town into the ground depend on.
        Blind and uninformed and grounded in dated ideologies.
        It’s off to Boca with you. We’ll take it from here.

  4. Not with that new council. No chance

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