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Ridgewood NJ, full-service residential community of 26,000 residents, with AAA bond rating in Northwest Bergen County, with $54.7 million budget, paid police and fire departments, sanitation division, sewage treatment facility, parking utility ($2.5 million budget) and water utility ($18.5 million budget). Council Manager form of government, operating under Faulkner Act. Five member non-partisan Council elected for staggered four-year terms.

Five years managerial experience in municipal government including excellent budgeting and financial skills; ability to multi-task in an energetic environment; understanding of Civil Service; seeking out and establishing new shared services agreements; conducting union and contract negotiations, with outcomes favorable to the municipality; successful staff relations and management; and a strong ability to communicate with elected officials, staff, businesses, and members of the public. Candidates should have some familiarity with Ridgewood, its neighborhoods and operations. Bachelor’s degree required; MPA or equivalent experience preferred. Send informative cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to: Heather Mailander, Village Clerk, Village of Ridgewood, 131 North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ  07450 or by email to with the subject line, Village Manager. Successful applicants must undergo a complete background check and physical examination, including a drug screening, prior to appointment. The Village of Ridgewood is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Applications must be received by March 10, 2023. 


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  1. I wonder how many applications came in?

    1. Give it time. It’s a NATIONWIDE search.

  2. So Heather is the point of contact for the job she was fired. Council is all class.

  3. class-less you mean

    1. Yes that is exactly what I wrote

      1. That’s something EY would do.

  4. Can you imagine being in that position. I don’t know if it’s embarrassing or just have a bad taste in your mouth.

  5. No! No! Not Roberta again!!

  6. Frankie D. your in.

  7. They need to get someone from far away. And if anyone is really applying for that position, and they start reading about the village they going to say to themselves not this place. So then the mayor and council will put in their own puppet. That’s what they want anyway, so they have full control. Like we said, in the end, the mayor and the council, or the boss of the town like it or not. They control every employee here throughout the town, and if you don’t think so, let’s meet and I’ll tell you the real story. Because the mayor and council they have a playbook and they’re not sharing it with anyone else, and don’t come back and say oh, we have the Faulkner act. You could wipe your ass with that.

  8. How about uncle Floyd.

  9. Was the 3 amigos plus Roberta the point where the financial health of the Village turned to crap? You know, the point where we entered that point of no return? I am sure it was. Anyone agree?

  10. The county will take over a few departments in town.
    1—central dispatch
    2— water, pollution
    3— EMS
    4— eventually regional fire department’s
    5— set the water department to veloa.
    6— out source engineering to Boswell.
    7–d-p-w merge it with county roads
    8–-village manager/police
    chief position into one, title commander.
    9— private contractor for sanitation and recycling
    It can easily be done
    If not, just keep on raising taxes.

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