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Sen. Menendez: One-sided deal rewards Cuba regime


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Sen. Menendez: One-sided deal rewards Cuba regime

Robert Menendez8:58 p.m. EST December 17, 2014

Alan Gross is home now. His five-year imprisonment for providing Internet access to Cuba’s small Jewish community was cruel, arbitrary and consistent with the behavior of the Cuban regime.

By releasing Mr. Gross in exchange for three convicted Cuban spies who conspired to commit espionage against our nation, this administration has wrongly rewarded a totalitarian regime and thrown the Cuban regime an economic lifeline.

Cuba is a repressive state, but it will now receive the support of the United States, the world’s greatest democracy.

For compromising on bedrock U.S. values, we received zero commitments from the regime to change its ways, to hold free elections, permit dissent, halt censorship and free all political prisoners. We abandoned U.S. policy, while the Castro brothers’ stranglehold on power just got tighter.

This swap sets an extremely dangerous precedent and invites dictatorial and rogue regimes to use Americans serving overseas as bargaining chips.

Most concerning is that the decision to open relations with Cuba fails to understand the nature of the Castro regime that has exerted its authoritarian control over the Cuban people for 55 years.

5 thoughts on “Sen. Menendez: One-sided deal rewards Cuba regime

  1. Menendez, Rubio and Cruz are trying to repeal the 21st century. Their ideas on Cuba belong to the dustbins of history.

  2. These people need to get over themselves the US has been doing business with totalitarian governments for decade nothing new. As #1 said welcome to the 21st century.

  3. To add to #2, all that is happening is that we are re-establishing diplomatic relations. We have diplomatic relations with Russia, and Venezuela, both of which openly dislike us. In other words, there will be embassies in each country. The embargo will still remain in effect and only Congress can change that.

  4. Menendez is the definition of “dirty crooked politics”. I have to admit his political instincts are remarkable. He recognizes when to jump off the sinking ship that is the Obama administration.

  5. No offense but Mr. Gross should have checked out what happens when you try to give people internet access to citizens of a communist country. No good deed, as it were.

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