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Senate Candidate Rik Mehta Push Defending Small Business Decimated by Governor Murphy’s Policies

Rik Mehta

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Chester NJ,  U.S. Senate nominee Rik Mehta’s campaign has secured a large ad and advertising push for the final weeks of the 2020 election. Mehta’s campaign has targeted voters from the Asian American community with a large radio, TV, and digital ad buy that will reach hundreds of thousands of eligible voters. Additionally, the campaign has also rolled out a billboard advertisement in Newark questioning whether the current Senator was scared to debate Rik Mehta and defend his failed record in the wake of his refusal to return scheduling calls. Appearing on local NJ Channel 12 News, Booker agreed to debate Mehta on September 09 and has since failed to return phone calls from both the Mehta campaign and interested media outlets.

The Mehta ad blitz is also coupled with the campaign’s advanced email, social media targeting and online video campaigns that, to-date have hit over a million New Jerseyans and reached over 250,000 persuadable, swing voters.

Rik Mehta stated that, “Our campaign has seen a surge of support in the closing weeks of this election and our general election team has capitalized off of the momentum by constructing an advanced and cost effective digital and retail strategy that is reaching thousands of likely voters and potential voters from communities who typically would not vote Republican. The biggest swing of support we are seeing is with minority small business owners where leaders have stepped up to fundraise and hold events to help us get our message out to the people.”

This final ad push comes as Facebook will black out new ads in the final week of the election and will build momentum right up into election day. Lead strategist and Senior Advisor Rich Castaldo stated, “Our strategy is simple, to target likely voters using our advanced targeting platforms and serving them ads that contain a message that is pertinent to their beliefs. We do this by understanding the voter and what their concerns are and addressing those concerns by making them aware of Rik’s message. Even though we are being outspent we will not be outperformed, and we are already seeing great data rolling in.”

The campaign plans to ramp up spending in the closing weeks to ensure voters get out the vote for Mehta. “We’re not leaving anything on the table – I’m fighting for New Jersey, for families, for small businesses who have been crushed and I will not take my foot off the pedal, We’re going full force to the very last minute, because we must make New Jersey a place to live, not leave.”

Watch Mehta’s latest TV ad on saving small businesses here:


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