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SHOCKER: Locked Cars Thwart Would be Car thieves in Glen Rock

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file photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, on December 8th at  1:59 PM , Glen Rock Police Patrols were dispatched to Plymouth Road in response to a resident’s report that a male subject attempted to enter vehicles in their neighbor’s driveway.  The actor was described as about 5’9” tall wearing grey sweatpants, a hooded shirt, and black sneakers, who departed the area on Plymouth Road towards Lowell Road in a dark-colored Audi with tinted license plate covers.

Officers interviewed the neighbor, who had been unaware of the attempt, and determined that the vehicles in their driveway were locked and had not been entered.


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8 thoughts on “SHOCKER: Locked Cars Thwart Would be Car thieves in Glen Rock

  1. ok how about a description of the ‘youth’ wearing the clothes?

    1. hint: lincoln or maple ave lead to that s-hole paterson

  2. 5’9 male wow so descriptive thank

  3. why do they not pull over cars that have the tinted license plate covers?

  4. Yea ok they have time for that.

  5. Those thieves need to come to Ridgewood where we are too
    to lock our cars and take our keys.

  6. Oh and why are you using taxpayer money to buy European motorcycles. It’s a law that if you use taxpayer money you have to buy American made vehicles. Unless that vehicle was donated then that’s a different story.

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