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>shop till you …….

When it comes to shopping on black friday ,when the going gets tough the tough go for a smoke

Tobacco Shop
10 Chestnut StRidgewood, NJ 07450
(201) 447-2204

ps .for a buck you can make yourself a great Espresso

4 thoughts on “>shop till you …….

  1. >oh, I see…when the going gets tough…shop till you…give yourself cancer? Great.

  2. >OH MY GOODNESS! A grown man excercising his right to enjoy a tobacco product outdoors. What is the world coming to? Quick, someone call the Political Correctness Police!!! I guess someone didn’t have their non-fat double-tall mocha-frapa-lattecino this morning….. Grow up you whiners, maybe a fine cigar is a nice respite from all the pre-holiday nonsense from all the lunatics trying to save 17 cents on some useless trinket…..

  3. >That’s ok, when the Dems give us universal health care the taxpayers can pay for chemo so smoke up and enjoy that Graycliff. I know I will.

  4. >kids don’t try this at home

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