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>The fly on the wall has learned . . .

>That in early 1996, the Ridgewood Sports Council proposed construction of several athletic fields and a parking area within Grove Park. Councilman Patrick A. Mancuso was mayor at the time; he was also an active member of the Sports Council.

In March of 1996, approximately 120 residents living near Grove Park attended a heated public hearing to voice their objections to the proposal. During this hearing it was revealed that a Green Acres funding agreement signed by Village officials in 1977 prohibits Grove Park’s property for being used for any purpose other than: 1) wetlands overflow, and 2) natural wildscape. Based on public opposition and limitations imposed by the Green Acres funding agreement, Village Council members withdrew the proposal.

So the fly asks: if this Green Acres funding agreement is still in force, why are Village officials again considering constructing athletic fields at Grove Park? Has Councilman Mancuso had a convenient memory lapse?


22 thoughts on “>The fly on the wall has learned . . .

  1. >Gotcha!

  2. >Checkmate!

  3. >boy you are good.thank god we have some smart fo.s around,good job.and to you bums out in yuppy land stay out of the compost,site we all love that place,it saves us a lot in take a nice walk and we will see you in 20.years.

  4. >Good job, PJ. A healthy debate is the best way to move forward on anything, pro or con. Facts help, and lets see what the Village says. Then again, as the old fart with the yuppie comment knows, it was the Carpenters who sang….”Its only just begun….”
    A lot has changed since 1996, much less 1977… Take a look around you as you count your blessings of a healthy FAMILY village that has brought your real estate values up and made YOU a paper millionaire. Enjoy it……… see you on the ball fields!

  5. >yea i will but not on lakeview dr.take a walk.

  6. >to mr carpenter.that shounds good.but and i say but how is the towm going to do the composting and still save the town over a mill.hummmmm.and tell me how is it if we do make more fields how is that going to save us money.hummmm.lets fix what we have so for and some time in the comeing years will un till then keep hammering.

  7. >If any of these comments had any merit or came from someone who didnt live on Lakeview Drive? That would be helpful.

    Does anyone with a reasonable IQ actually think that the Village, as screwed up as it is, would put soccer fields at the composting site if it would then face an additional cost of $1mio annually? Or, $1.5 mio, as the number keeps changing, depending on where the net poster lives.

    Very interesting that these “facts” are springing up suddenly? Anyone able to verify them… or will you even show up at the Village meeting? Dont blame you for trying… and maybe fields there are indeed NOT the answer… but your foolish threats dont do much to convince me… a “neutral party,” one who wants space for youth sports but doesnt want to destroy open spaces. You are diluting your own message. BTW… do trucks drive down Lakeview to that site now? That doesnt bother you???

    Just a shade of honesty would be helpful. Forget where you live. Forget the agenda against the “dumb jocks”…. you sound like fools.

    Facts please?

  8. >you hit that nail on its head.

  9. >Where can a resident see a copy of the Green Acres Funding Agreement?

  10. >This is the only thing I could find that might apply to Ridgewood, circa 1965:

    Oliver Wendell Douglas, a Manhattan attorney who has long desired to become a farmer, buys a rundown farm sight unseen from con man Eustice Haney. Upon his return to New York he packs up his things and drags his socialite Hungarian wife Lisa to Hooterville. There, along with his hired hand Eb he tries to build the farm into a useful venture. In the meantime, Lisa becomes acclamated to her surroundings and attempts to bring some form of civility to the backwoods neighbors and even strikes up a friendship with Arnold, the pet pig of Fred Ziffel, who treats Arnold like a son.


  12. >i hope pat will do the right thing about composting.that is the way to go.the town of waldwick.

  13. >the town of glen rock says yes that is the best way to save tax money and the only way,so do compost.

  14. >do not let them pull the wool over your eyes.more sports council what bull.

  15. >a pat you better stand up for the people on lakeview dr we all did vote for you and you know about this stoff a make shure we keep the compost site.

  16. >The Tooth Fairy says it works, too. So lets all compost.
    Any other imaginary friends live on Lakeview Drive?

    Lets confirm the costs. Lets confirm the need. Then lets make a decision. Based on what, you might ask?

    NOT the need of 10-12 households, but the need of the entire taxpaying Village. NOT the need of someone trying to rationalize their Village job, but the need of the entire taxpaying Village.

    BTW… dont worry about job losses… There is plenty of need in the “wet” Village Hall. If it smells like a pork sandwich, its a pork sandwich. Anyone want to guess who got greased on that overspending? “One for you, two for me… Two for you, three for me…”

  17. >you mean the same The Tooth Fairy that said the village hall would cost $2 million?

  18. >take a walk .if you are so smart give a name and i,ll show you athing that you have no brains on what the hell you are talking about.

  19. >at lest i have a hill billy.once more no name.and no ball.s

  20. >that is funy.and to the bums that think that they can get new feilds .come up with the mullla.

  21. >a don you are on the money no playing fields.and no one still can tell me that how is this going to save us can say for at lest 3 weeks now.hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  22. >like i said lakeview is the place to compost for a long time to come.come down and see for your is something to see for your self.but stay back.

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