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Sign Up Today for the Ridgewood blog eBlast !


Sign Up Today for the Ridgewood blog eBlast Stay Informed on Local #Events and #News

5 thoughts on “Sign Up Today for the Ridgewood blog eBlast !

  1. amazing i can get better information from James than the town!

  2. The communication from village hall is terrible. This is why they’re always in trouble. When you lose communication you lose the war. And that was a quote from general Schwarzkopf. No one answered the phones, no one returns emails, really no one’s allowed in the hall because of Covid, which is understandable. Extremely poor information.

  3. Communication from Village Hall is horrible. Everyone knows it. It’s the game they play. They play stupid oh we didn’t know ,right bull shit.

  4. Village Hall plays stupid because the KNOW we are….

  5. No it’s not about being rich and stupid, it’s a game they play. It’s about to see what they can get away with. They will do things that they are Illegal at times, and if they get away with it they get away with it. At times they get caught.

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